September 21, 2010

Pax Nostalgic

Have I mentioned that I love 1940's music?  Especially the Andrews Sisters & Glenn Miller and his Band?

I was probably the only kid in the 80's that would rather watch an old Black & White World War II era musical than Countdown (For my USA friends think a variation on Solid Gold without the fabo dancers).  This fascination was rivaled of course with my love of John Wayne* movies
"Private Buckaroo"
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Glenn Miller
IN the Mood - Glenn Miller & his Band

Definitely the Golden Age of Swing!

*(it became tradition from when I was very young that I would always watch John Wayne movies with my Uncle George. He'd lost his own children to a very bitter divorce and an embittered ex-wife who whisked them out of his life; and this became one of our bonding rituals whenever he would return from his long months of construction working jobs. Over the years I must have seen almost all of The Duke's films, all made that much more enjoyable by spending the time with a dearly loved and now sadly missed uncle.  He never did get me a real six-shooter - which considering how my mum feels about my natural klutziness was probably a good thing - but that promise of "one day, when you're grown up, and if you are good" kept me toeing the line for years.)


  1. I was raised on John Wayne movies and the old WWII war bond movies. I still like watching them.

    And I just spent the last few days with four Auzies from the HMAS Melbourne, and I am always impressed the warmth and humor of those guys. I see at least one each year. We had four this year plus a Skype link-up with one of the more available of the group. He is going though chemo now, but will be back with us next year.

    Good people down there, mate (uh…what do you call a gurl down thar?).

  2. John Wayne used to live on some property down the street from where I live now...way back, before he was famous. Kinda cool though, huh?

    I'm sorry you didn't get your six-shooter. I didn't get my horse either. Dang. And we were sooo good.

  3. Glenn Miller rawks! I love String Of Pearls

  4. Awesome! Love Glenn Miller.

    BTW. I hit the wrong button on my phone while trying to publish it and it rejected your comment on my blog because I hit the delete with my fat finger. Wanted you to know that I cut and pasted it from the email. Didn't want you to think I was being a jerk. I felt so bad. I love comments and yours was a great one. Please forgive me...I have fat fingers.