December 26, 2015

Vale Karen

The below fragment of a tale was originally written when Oriel left us - I have added to it as I can just imagine our two Bright Souls indulging happily in Madcap Adventures as they wait for us in the Great Library Beyond....
Death opened the door to a light and cheerful knock. The Woman standing there - bare of feet, bright of eye, dark of hair - looked up at him and asked "What happens now?"

YOUR CHOICE replied Death
"Ahhh..." She said with delight "Then there will be a Library - full of the books I have read and all the ones I have yet to read. And room enough for all my friends when their time comes as well"
And there within the library – a smiling familiar face – curled happily within a large and comfortable chair and scribbling madly her latest novel.
The two embraced “What Shenanigans shall we wage upon the world as we wait for the others to join us?"
“Oooh let me think….” And with a wicked chuckle they both began to plot
[my words modelled upon the writing style and characters of Sir Terry Pratchett]

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