September 19, 2012

Pax's Poem Competition

I am currently tired, cranky and very tired of Life handing me Lemons (without the sugar there is NO way to make lemonade)

So how about a competition?  Specifically a POEM competition

The Rules:-

Write a POEM for Pax about Pax (or Aussie things) - it can be nice, it can be snarky - don't make it too rude.
Must be PG-13! (if you feel that using a rude word is required then bleep it out - let's think of the potential that one day my Mum might read this)

You do NOT need to be a regular reader of this blog to enter (sniffle... but you COULD stick around and read more - just saying)

You can be from anywhere in the world.

If you win - you will need to supply me with a mailing address. I promise to hold the information safely and never share it beyond my Post Office.

If you leave your entry under the "Anonymous" tag - please be sure to add your name or nickname at the bottom so I can track you down later should you win.

If you find that Blogger won't let you post a message or worse - it disappears into the ether - then email me directly (you can find my e address under my profile)

The Winner will need to contact me by the 10th of October 2012 at the latest with their mailing address or there will be a redraw.

The Winning Poem will be judged on or about the 30th of September by an independent judge (ie. not me since I luvs ya all and have a hard time picking one over the other)

And the prize....  is something Aussie military (natch!)

Front & Back of the coin
Got it from HERE
It is quite heavy... but oh so pretty. [Australian Army Rising Sun insignia on the front - Australian flag & slouch hat on the reverse]

If you are looking for inspiration then check out Coffeypot's earlier creations HERE.  Coffeypot isn't eligible to win since I have already sent off one of these to him for his prior poetic poppings but he can (and hopefully will) make comments on the other entries.

And GO!

September 15, 2012

Pax signs a petition

I applaud the intent behind this petition to Save the Queensland Government Libraries, however first hand experience with *my* Departments attitude makes me expect no changes.

However if you feel that your signing might make a difference - please do. It won't save my job but could save the book collection I have worked so hard these last 24 years to maintain and grow.

And in the meantime I will wait to receive my subversive tshirt in the mail.  This one is going to be worn A LOT in the next five weeks (my last day at work is the 19th of October). The rather stupid Powers-that-be-in-charge seem to think that there is no need for trained Research Librarians - after all "Google is free"

For the record I am but a lowly Library Technician (those wot-do-all-stuff) but once I finish my University course I'll be elevated to the lofty levels of them-wot-researches-all.

September 11, 2012

Pax - now looking for job

Just advised that I am now without a job.

Anyone looking for a slightly jaded Library Tech? Will consider relocation

September 9, 2012

September Paxing

Very quick update since it's late here and I need to sleep before I nod off over the keybozzzzzzz.....

Ah-hem... lets try that again shall we?

Milsupporting is going well - I have met some really lovely troopers this time around and am very much enjoying sending out cards and occasional useful package.  Girl Scout cookies (and a parcel with a toy) went off to a Airforce 1stLt recently.  I suspect (since it was a "once off" parcel request) that I should have sent really useful things but meh... I'm sure everyone else in his group got those.  After all - when you really need something to hug when the hit sits the fan - isn't a fuzzy Platypus toy the first thing YOU think of?

In "not quite Milsupport but gosh I'm having fun" - tshirt sent out to Old NFO; Coin & pin sent off to Coffeypot; oh and virtual hugs sent out to the rest of you (just so you don't feel left out)

In "At Home" news. 
  • Mum seems to be responding better to the medication she is currently on. Less pain, more Getup&go. She is currently talking about maybe "One last trip out Bush" with Dad in the coming months. I thank God for every day she is with us and hope she gets her wish to go camping once more [they have a small caravan so there are comfy beds and other civilised amenities to make things easier for her]

  • With my work... I will find out this coming Tuesday if I am still employed or not (yes... they plan to announce 14000 forced redundancies on 9/11 - what a charming way to try to divert attention from your Allies day of Remembrance:(. This New State Government has no empathy or shame).  I will let you all know later this week what the situation is... I think, even if I am made unemployed, that I can still manage my current Troop Adoption commitments - which will keep me sane and feeling useful at least.
Okay - must go sleep (I tried that earlier and my brain refused to shut down... warm milk might help. And no Coffeypot - I have no whiskey in the house to "Fortify" the milk with. Pity that!