September 15, 2012

Pax signs a petition

I applaud the intent behind this petition to Save the Queensland Government Libraries, however first hand experience with *my* Departments attitude makes me expect no changes.

However if you feel that your signing might make a difference - please do. It won't save my job but could save the book collection I have worked so hard these last 24 years to maintain and grow.

And in the meantime I will wait to receive my subversive tshirt in the mail.  This one is going to be worn A LOT in the next five weeks (my last day at work is the 19th of October). The rather stupid Powers-that-be-in-charge seem to think that there is no need for trained Research Librarians - after all "Google is free"

For the record I am but a lowly Library Technician (those wot-do-all-stuff) but once I finish my University course I'll be elevated to the lofty levels of them-wot-researches-all.