March 29, 2010

Pax is a Zombie (you have been warned!)

I began to suspect over the weekend that Whooping Cough is the precursor of Zombie-ism - I was searching for brains (mine went A.W.O.L), shambling about (the balance is more shot than usual) and quite content to go hide in the dim, dark airconditioned bedroom for much of the day.

Since then I've managed to develop a very painful ear infection (uncertain what has caused it - the doctor tomorrow can give me the low down via written notes since I can't hear zip at the moment) and I've ended up taking another day off work (I expect that I'll be ending up taking more days off before I'm well - all with the vague blessing of my boss who really doesn't want to catch WC)

Would I rather be at work than at home?  Darn tootin! - at work there isn't this great pile of housework that calls to me, plus it's easier to get my hands on icy cold coke there (I ran out today - it was ugly!)

In happier news - I've heard from one of my new Adopted service persons (He's airforce - my very first non-army adoptee - Yay! :D).  He seems to have a decent sense of humour and likes Monty Python so I'm hoping I'l be able to send him some humourous parcels and letters before he heads home.

In the meantime - pity me my beloved friends (whoops.. no.. that's a Gilbert & Sullivan quote.. abort abort abort :D). Please try to remember that Zombies are (mostly) people too and try to avoid applying flame-throwers; baseball bats or A1S's to deal with me - I'd really appreciate it! (and in return I promise to snack only on the brains of the undeserving and politicians!)

March 26, 2010

Amazed & Awed - Pax has presents

Still en-plagued with the dreaded whooping cough but two things have arrived in the post that have cheered me immensely.

My #3 adopted soldier (codename G as I don't wish to breach any security laws) has just returned from his extended time in the great holiday destination of Camp Tajii (sun, surf, sand & freaking loonies with guns - what a combination!).  He's a lovely chap that I only got to spoil for a few months with weird letters & parcels (He was assigned (via Soldier's Angels) to me late in his deployment so his timtam quota remained lower than normal).

He let me know via email that he had "sent me something in the mail" before he was going fully 'Mail Stop' and yesterday it arrived.

The Certificate reads :
 Flag Dedication Certificate  
The Accompanying Flag of the United States of America was flown over a free Iraq in honor of Mari Paxford.  On March 1, 2010 this flag proudly flew in AH-64D Longbow Apache Serial Number 383 over the United States Division - Center Area of Operations (Baghdad) during Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-10 for 2.8 hours on a combat mission.

G if you are reading this - I want you to know that I am utterly awed and humbled by the gift. I am really not worthy of it but I will treat it with the honour & respect it deserves.

And the other item in the post - a gift of a book from Coffeypot . We've both been following Marcus Luttrell on Facebook . Marcus is a wounded veteran, ex-navy seal and author of the book "Lone Survivor".  I have been wanting to read his book for a while so it is a wonderful gift - thank you Mr Coffey :)

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March 23, 2010

Pax Interruptus

Little Willie, from the mirror
Licked the mercury all off;
Thinking, in his childish error
It would cure the whooping cough.

At the funeral Willie's mother
Said to Mrs. Brown,
'Twas a chilly day for Willie
When the mercury went down."
Ruthless Rhymes for Heartless Homes", pseudonymous author given as "Col. D. Streamer" (actually Harry Graham) [published 1890's]

The Pax home has been hit with Whooping cough, rendering Mr.B. seriously unwell (coughing fits that result in blacking out = not good).  He's about mid-point of the 6 week illness and lucky lucky me is entering about the second week of it [I'm off to the Doctor tomorrow for some cough-suppressing meds].

Irregular blog posting will resume once things get back to "normal* around here - until then let me leave you to more of Poor Willie's adventures...

Little Willie, mean as hell
Threw his sister in the well
Mama said, when drawing water,
"Gee, it's hard to raise a daughter."

Willie, in a rage insane
Threw his head beneath a train
All were quite surprised to find
How it broadened Willie's mind

March 13, 2010

Treating the Troops (AKA ..Pax's international social eating experiments)

Hello my Lovelies!

I know that some of my friends are Military supporters (above and beyond the "oooh nice tank you have there" variety).

Some of you will recall this call from help that USMC81 posted back in January.

Initially it was anticipated that the troops would be going "No Mail" by end of March however I'm advised by the good GySgt Bush that they should be okay to accept parcels of goodies up till end of May.

Since I'm working on the whole "Introductury Aussie Food 101" project I've organised a parcel for the guys that contains some vegemite.  So either an International incident will be occuring in ooh.. about 2 weeks or so - or we'll find some more converts to the "mmm... Australian Food - NOM!" way of life.
[I haven't been *completely* evil - there are caramel timtams and some Mountain Thunder coffee on it's way to them too]

So if you have the time and funds to send on some goodies for the boys you can find their address at the original post OR you can email me for it.  I understand they are mostly looking for sweet things [little debbie cakes may have been mentioned... I have no idea what these are?  Please tell me they are better than ack.. ick.. ptooey..  twinkies??]


March 11, 2010

One for the Geeks amongst us

Popular Science magazine is available online - free of charge

Go - enjoy! - and learn how to make Kaboomie things in the comfort of your own home!


March 1, 2010

Pax Beaut

Recently one of my friends received a "Beautiful Blogger" award and sneakily passed it on by tapping the first 7 commentors on his post (coffeypot is to blame).

I believe the Rules of Engagement are that I need to say Seven things about myself that you may not know; and pass it on to Seven readers of my blog. [that could be tricky to organise so if you are reading this and feel beautiful - please pass on the love]

Seven things about Pax.

1. Marion isn't my real name.. it's actually Susan (cue the laughing now.. yes yes it's a very prim & proper name - and quite useful in my daily work grind as a P&P library tech. I would probably like it more had my mother not once confided that she deliberately chose a "Sensible" name so I wouldn't grow up all flighty like my Nanna Marion.  Ironic isn't it!  I do plan on legally changing it at some point when I have the $$ and can bear the maternal recriminations)

2. Oh.. and Pax / Paxford.. yeah not real either [does allow for some anonymity on the web - unless of course you are a member of the SCA.. Society of Creative Anachronism.. and then you'll find me easily enough]

3. I am a member of a worldwide Medieval recreationist group (SCA) although I have not played seriously for some years now (the boyfriend belongs to a different variation on the theme that have issues with any group that use rattan for weapons instead of forged steel.  On the other hand *I* have not had my nose broken over 15 times nor do I have sword scars covering 1/4 of my body... so my hobby is safer!)

4. There are two songs that will reduce me to a blubbering mess toot-sweet.  One is "The Streets of Laredo"* - the other is the Scottish funeral song "The Flowers of the Forest".

5. I do milsupport (military support) on a small scale and have adopted soldiers that I write and send goodies parcels to.  These are all USA based military as the Australian force currently in the middle east are 1) tiny compared to the man power supplied by the USA & 2) extremely selective of who can access their details [there is no Australian equivilent of "Adopt-a-marine" or "Soldier's Angels" that I have been able to find so far].  I have been known to send Tinned Marsupials to complete & utter strangers just to hopefully give them something to smile about (I am notoriously softhearted so if you know of someone serving that could do with a small "pick-me-up" you can let me know and I'll do my best)

6. I am terrrified of snakes. (you are probably going "D'uh! that's a normal thing" however I have been known to freeze up and utter sad whimpering noises when confronted with utterly harmless non-poisonous ones.  Have I mentioned I live in Australia - home to many slithery sorts?)

7. I have a passion for Penguins (and yes... YOU can send me any that you like ;D)

*As I walked out on the streets of Laredo.
As I walked out on Laredo one day,
I spied a poor cowboy wrapped in white linen,
Wrapped in white linen as cold as the clay.

"I can see by your outfit that you are a cowboy."
These words he did say as I boldly walked by.
" Come an' sit down beside me an' hear my sad story.
" I'm shot in the breast an' I know I must die."

"It was once in the saddle, I used to go dashing.
" Once in the saddle, I used to go gay.
" First to the card-house and then down to Rose's.
" But I'm shot in the breast and I'm dying today."

"Get six jolly cowboys to carry my coffin.
" Six dance-hall maidens to bear up my pall.
" Throw bunches of roses all over my coffin.
" Roses to deaden the clods as they fall."

"Then beat the drum slowly, play the Fife lowly.
" Play the dead march as you carry me along.
" Take me to the green valley, lay the sod o'er me,
" I'm a young cowboy and I know I've done wrong."

"Then go write a letter to my grey-haired mother,
" An' tell her the cowboy that she loved has gone.
" But please not one word of the man who had killed me.
" Don't mention his name and his name will pass on."

When thus he had spoken, the hot sun was setting.
The streets of Laredo grew cold as the clay.
We took the young cowboy down to the green valley,
And there stands his marker, we made, to this day.

We beat the drum slowly and played the Fife lowly,
Played the dead march as we carried him along.
Down in the green valley, laid the sod o'er him.
He was a young cowboy and he said he'd done wrong.