March 13, 2010

Treating the Troops (AKA ..Pax's international social eating experiments)

Hello my Lovelies!

I know that some of my friends are Military supporters (above and beyond the "oooh nice tank you have there" variety).

Some of you will recall this call from help that USMC81 posted back in January.

Initially it was anticipated that the troops would be going "No Mail" by end of March however I'm advised by the good GySgt Bush that they should be okay to accept parcels of goodies up till end of May.

Since I'm working on the whole "Introductury Aussie Food 101" project I've organised a parcel for the guys that contains some vegemite.  So either an International incident will be occuring in ooh.. about 2 weeks or so - or we'll find some more converts to the "mmm... Australian Food - NOM!" way of life.
[I haven't been *completely* evil - there are caramel timtams and some Mountain Thunder coffee on it's way to them too]

So if you have the time and funds to send on some goodies for the boys you can find their address at the original post OR you can email me for it.  I understand they are mostly looking for sweet things [little debbie cakes may have been mentioned... I have no idea what these are?  Please tell me they are better than ack.. ick.. ptooey..  twinkies??]



  1. Little Debbie Cakes are better than ack ... ick ... ptooey ... twinkies. I dig their Oatmeal Creme Pies and their Moon Pies.

  2. Pax, sweetie, I am working with 4 now, not counting the two butterbars from Kanani, and I just can't afford it. But I will send you some Little Debbies and stuff for you sweet tooth.