July 26, 2013

Poor Nemo

So did "someone" discover that Nemo is really a socialist?

The US military has agreed to retrieve four unarmed bombs it dropped on the Great Barrier Reef during a training exercise that didn't go to plan.

US warplanes were forced to drop the bombs after they ran dangerously low on fuel during a problem-plagued operation in central Queensland earlier this month.

The planes were unable to drop the ordnance where they had intended because civilian vessels had wandered into the pre-approved drop zone.

Instead, they were let go in about 50 to 60 metres of water inside the boundaries of the Great Barrier Reef marine park. [more of the story HERE ]

[note. I hold no rights to these pictures and hope that the Big Mouse
squad does not attempt to "Pluto" me in the night]

July 25, 2013

Same old Same old

Well I had hoped to be able to dazzle you all with my employability but sadly I failed to make the final cut (making the interview list of 7 out of those 100+ applicants I can do... actually score the job - just can't nail it)

So rather than depress you all, let's have a sing-along

July 10, 2013

USS Bonhomme Richard has arrived in town

I have to say I've not seen as many Polite and Friendly YOUNG (ohhh so young to my eyes - 20's to 24's I would guess) service persons in quite a long time.

Of course they are all in mufti - since the wearing of uniform in foreign ports is not allowed for safety reasons - but their general military bearing, good manners, great haircuts, and possibly the accents give them away.

Had I been better organised I'd have asked any of my fellow Soldiers' Angels troop supporters if any of their lads or lasses would be in town - and then would have treated them for a day out at the Koala Sanctuary.  Next time Gromit Next time!