December 27, 2012

Post Christmas Paxing

Well this week has gone quickly!

Christmas Eve I headed over to my Parents - plan was to stay the night and be there for most of Christmas Day.  The whole "going to bed at 8.30pm" thing was a bit of a novelty to me but I survived the night.  Christmas Day with the Parents and my eldest brother was very nice - we played some board games (traditional Christmas past time in my family) and I helped Mum with one of her jigsaw puzzles. And a lunch of cold meats (ham & chicken) and salads and then Trifle for dessert - YUM!

Home to my place by 4ish.

Boxing Day (yesterday) I had a ticket to see The Hobbit (part the first) and yes I very much enjoyed it!  Plans are to go back and see it again on the big screen (but on a half-price ticket day I think) - actually hoping by the time I re-see it I will have more hearing capacity (or can find a subtitled screening) - context of words to action is always a good thing :D.

Today (the 27th) my much anticipated Specialist Ear Doctor appointment occurred.   Diagnosed with "chronic fungal infection" in the ear canals - YUCK!.  Doctor has used the world smallest vacuum cleaner to hoover out the junk and has applied some really strong anti-fungal ointment to the left ear and prescribed some less radical drops for the right ear due to it harbouring the hearing aid.  He also told me "bed rest and take it slowly" for the next week or so as I *will* be feeling the side effects as it all heals up.  [and yes... I will be following his advice - five hour nap occurred when I reached home from the appointment today and I am still feeling a bit wobbly and woozy]

So tomorrow until New Years day I will be a slothful Pax.  Which is a good thing as I have letters and cards I need to catch up on with all my Adopted troopers. 

December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

From the rather Hot & Humid Sub-tropics of Australia - Christmas wishes that you all have a very Merry time and a wonderful New Year!


December 20, 2012

End of the World? I don't think so!

I am not succumbing to the whole "Oh Noes the World is Ending" drama...

However - have a music clip to lighten your day

Santa claus is drinking beer
Trying not to worry
Hearing things he doesn't want to hear
Cause he's in a hurry to say goodbye
To say goodbye

Santa claus is drinking gin
Trying not to worry
Stops himself from listening in
Cause he's in a hurry to say goodbye
To say goodbye

Apocalypso - its a special dance
Apocalypso - tell me why they're trying to wipe the
Smile off santa's face

White sheets and bright lights in the sky
Shining through his window
Santa claus is wondering why
There's nothing on his radio - it must be time
To say goodbye

Repeat chorus

Repeat verse 1
Repeat chorus

Tell me why they're trying to wipe
Trying to wipe the smile of santa's face

Wipe the smile off santa's face and burning off his beard
Blow the roof off santa's house and drying all his tears
Blow that smile off santa's face and burning off his beard
Blow the roof off santa's house and drying all his tears 

December 16, 2012

Happy Pax

The Christmas goodies parcels have reached my two adoptee's and I am officially a HAPPY PAX

My Army adoptee P writes...
We just got the package here and already decorated our post office with it. The Australian theme is very badass and I think that we have the best decorations on base to be honest. Thank you so much!
 and Marine Adoptee D writes...

"Thank you so much! I don’t have the vocabulary to explain how excited I was to receive some mail. I didn’t look in the stocking, waiting till Christmas morning to check it out"

December 6, 2012

Power and Peace and Pax Oh My!

Just a quick update to prove to the Universe that I am still kicking.

This last week has been a busy one and it's only THURSDAY morning here!

Let's recap...

Sunday I flew out of Brisbane City airport at an awfully early time - headed to Canberra (Capital City of Australian and two States away) as one of my dear friends has been admitted to hospital.  Stay was a short one - down Sunday and back Monday p.m.  And possibly the less said about the hotel the better (the bed at least was comfortable - the staff service was dreadful - it's only really redeeming feature that it was within walking distance of Canberra Hospital).  Oh - and please all avoid the "Quality Hotel Woden" and it's attached restaurant/bistro/gaming hall.  - They have no idea about food or service.  Example point - they serve all "cold" (for a relative factor of cold being "luke-warm") in the bottles they are sold in.  When I asked "May I have a Glass please" they were confused and dumbfounded and milled about like cattle-struck-with-footinmouth.  "No" they replied - we don't have glasses".  Apparently they save on washing up bills this way...

Monday night - flew back to Brisbane - and when my friend dropped me home I noticed that something "Looked Odd" in my carport area.  Due to the cleverness of the builders here the carports are not secure to the outside world.  I store a few items in a cupboard there (cupboards that only hold items due for junking or giving away or were potting items for my plants.  All low value stuff). 

Any-theft-tales - someone has had a fun time going through my stuff stored there and taken off with some planting pots and a bag of candles and a few other small items.  I suspect Kids because yeah... all really low value junky type things (although the china plant pot was a nice looking one it's got a crack all the way through it).  So I'm not upset about what was taken - only that someone was rude enough to steal in the first place.  So Monday night I ordered a new lockable metal storage cupboard - to be delivered later this week and I plan to reorganise everything in the carport & (lockable) laundry to make it a useful addition.  Older cupboards are going to be given away (I need to keep the space tidy or the other residents can (rightfully) complain.  So out with the old - in with the new - ya-booh to the would be future thieves of the world).

And we are up to TUESDAY.   Early Tuesday I did a quick clean up / inventory of loss / toss of unrequired items in the carport.  I stopped by 8.30am as it was to be the Hottest day locally for the last 11 years.
At 10am my friend (Miss M) and I headed off to the lovely air conditioned fasthold of IKEA as we both had items we needed to acquire.   Nice half-day out including lunch and then I was dropped home at 1pm-ish.  To discover that the local power authority had CUT OFF MY ELECTRICITY!

Much drama ensued - luckily I had help from a friend to field the telephone calls to the Utility companies and discovered that "Oh Gosh! We're sorry - we were supposed to cut off the power of the same numbered Apartment in the Building *Next Door* to her.  Power guy must have read the wrong number".  So two miserably hot and stress filled hours later (remember - this is the hottest day here for what seems like forever - it peaked at 39.5celsius which is 103fahrenheit) - and suddenly I was back on the grid.  Can we just state that I now loathe, despise and abhor even more the local power groups?

Ahh.. now on to Wednesday...  Delivery of new secure cupboard that... oh dammit... arrived in flat-pack rather than built (I apparently missed the fine-print at the order site).  Okay.. okay... I can build this - I have the technology [on the SECOND hottest day locally yadda yadda yadda].  It is all built but I did almost have heat stroke at one point (who'd have thought how much hotter it gets when you are inside the damm thing with screwdriver and a colourful vocabulary!).

Once it was built I gave up and went for a cooling rest.

So... on to today - THURSDAY.  Good start - have managed to enrol in to a Justice of the Peace class that I have been wanting to take for a while.  It's 3 days next week - after which I sit for the exam and if successful - will be able to witness documents and assist the local community as a volunteer notary. (Plus it will look just FINE on my CV for future job applications)

As for the rest of the week... I am hoping it will not be as eventful.  Tomorrow (Friday) I am off to visit my Mum & Dad and make sure they got through the heat wave okay.  Saturday I will be assisting Miss Cozzles with belt sanding/grinding the rest of the glue off her floor so that tiling can take place later this month. [yes yes... still very hot here so we will be taking lots of rests and guzzling our weight in water]

Sunday I believe I am off to a Sci-fi event in the city.  Sunday night I plan on collapsing and recovering....

Now whoever wished me to have an "Interesting Week" - do you think you got your value from it? :D