June 27, 2013

Pax's projects

It's been a while since a real post occurred - sorry about that folks!

This month has seen me still looking for a paying job. I have two really good jobs in my sights - applications are in and I am just hoping to hear that I have made the interview short list (fingers crossed).  Both are Library jobs.

On the 6th of July I begin my Mentored training for Justice of the Peace.  My first exposure to "the public" seeking the witnessing of documents and statements sworn.  So very hoping I don't make an ass of myself,

My volunteer job at the State Museum Library is continuing to keep me sane. It's just so nice to be appreciated for my work skills and knowledge!  Sadly no chance of a job opening there

At home projects -
I have a new bathroom vanity! Let me walk you through the installation process in pictures:-

The original vanity - almost 50 years old and falling apart from years of water damage

Once the old was removed - my Dad cemented in the void that was left to
level up the floor

New base cabinet installed and attached to the back wall

Sink top installed; all plumbing lines connected and it's good-to-go!

Many thanks to my Dad and eldest brother for the installation :).  Now I need to repaint the walls and wooden cupboards and it will be all done

In other news.... I am about to start a major embroidery project [skip this bit if you aren't in to craft!]

My new winter-weight medieval cloak requires some "pretty-fying" so I have been working on a sampler for colours and stitch styles.  I think I'm happy with most of it

The Dark brown borders are couched (meaning raised by stitching over a thicker thread) and will give stabilisation to the wool edges.  The inner pattern will be a vine & leaf design.  I like the taupe shade for the vine; and will probably go with the lighter green shade for the leaves as it stands out better from the background fabric.

I will be completing the sewing in stages (starting with couching closest to the edge) so that I can wear the cloak whilst it's still under construction. Should keep me occupied and off the street!

And in troop support...  my current adoptee "M" is likely to be home by Thanksgiving (all going well).  He is a lovely young man - dedicated to his country, his job and his family.  Snack packs and his favourite sporting team decals have recently been sent [for the munching and the "making things feel a bit more home like"], and I should look to see what other DVD's he might like to watch (we share a fondness for "Finding Nemo" so I have sent a copy of that one already)