July 31, 2011

July roundup

Wow - not quite sure where the month of July went but it's gone gone gone (well.. in just under 3 hours here in Australia it will be)

So just a bit of a recap of the July Pax zone

*Water Balloon launchers dispatched to all my adoptee's - no International incidents reported (so far)

* Birthday present organised for Adoptee #3

*Item of solar protection ordered for a friend - should be amusing when that one turns up

*The usual cards, postcards and letters sent off weekly - hopefully NOT boring their socks off

*Some friendship badges sent off to Mr Coffeypot - he has a reunion coming up shortly and said they would be treasured by his fellow shipmates

* Oh.. and some Musk sticks went off to the winner of the caption contest. I believe he is *thrilled* (or was it terrified?  Definitely one of those "T" words I'm sure)

I have also begun the gathering of items for the handmade Christmas wreaths and Koala Santa stockings that I will be making shortly.  All three of my current adoptee's will be home by December so it's forward planning for the next batch of bewildered American Troops (aka the lucky lucky souls - Bwhahaha :D)

In "at home" news - I have committed to almost $4K of new doors for the veranda - installation in about 5 weeks, which will segue nicely into my planned two weeks of recreation leave [which will be now spent painting the new doors/framework etc. Sadly finishing wasn't included in the price ;( ]

And my parents may return home from their extended bush holiday shortly.  I have received the occasional text message advising me of their continuing wellness, but no word on whether they have found fabulous gems or Lasseter's Reef  (gold & gem fossicking grey nomads can be cagey about that sort of information :D)

July 27, 2011

Pax rolls the dice

I recently replaced some of my board games - the original sets were old and missing pieces - so I thought it was about time for an upgrade (helped along with an amazon gift vouchers given by a dear friend)

So I invested in a really nice new Monopoly set

(photo from amazon.com; and all rights held by Hasbro of course)
and I got to thinking about past games of the big M.  The Good family games where we played for fun; the not so-good Family games when my brothers would tag-team to own all the properties; and the very VERY memorable games played with a range of ex's.

I'm wondering if perhaps it's a Guy thing (?!) - that whole "must win - must own the board even if I need to crush you to do it".   And I am thinking that I may begin applying the M-test to all potential suitors. 

Just think... I'd get to see their real self at play. 

Now I'm not suggesting that I will only find worth in someone that plays half-heartedly; or even worse - tries to let me win.  Just that it might be a really great way to discover if my intended Honey has the belief that winning means he can connive, or cheat, or belittle his opponents, just to get that little grey counter around the board faster than me.

Just think of the time and emotion I'll be saving on the ones that can't understand that a game should actually be FUN! (and the ones that survive the M-test will then move on to the Trivial Pursuit gambit - just to make sure)

Oh and if this works - I'm totally going to patent the idea!  (oooh just think of the lawsuits Hasbro would be throwing at me!)

July 24, 2011

A Quick lesson in Aussie Slang

A friend of mine asked about a good name for a new puppy (an Australian Shepherd) and I stumbled upon this website.

Since there any number of phrases here that even I didn't know about you might find it Ed-u-ca-shinal should you ever travel the great Outback and Never Never.

So below is a random selection - enjoy!

Amber fluid : beer
Aussie salute : brushing away flies with the hand
Back of Bourke : a very long way away  [not to be confused with "Behind Burke": which is a very safe place to be]
Battler : someone working hard and only just making a living
Black Stump, beyond the : a long way away, the back of nowhere
Captain Cook : look (noun) ("let's have a Captain Cook")
Cobber : friend
Corker : something excellent. A good stroke in cricket might be described as a 'corker of a shot'
Dag : a funny person, nerd, goof
Digger : a soldier
Dinkum, fair dinkum : true, real, genuine ("I'm a dinkum Aussie"; "is he fair dinkum?")
Dinky-di : the real thing, genuine
Drongo : a dope, stupid person
Esky : large insulated food/drink container for picnics, barbecues etc.
Flat out like a lizard drinking : flat out, busy
Furphy : false or unreliable rumour
Galah : fool, silly person. Named after the bird of the same name because of its antics and the noise it makes.
Gobsmacked : surprised, astounded
Hottie : hot water bottle
Jackaroo : a male trainee station manager or station hand (a station is a big farm/grazing property)
Jillaroo : a female trainee station manager or station hand
Kangaroos loose in the top paddock : Intellectually inadequate ("he's got kangaroos loose in the top paddock")
Knock : to criticise
Larrikin : a bloke who is always enjoying himself, harmless prankster
Lend of, to have a : to take advantage of somebody's gullibility, to have someone on ("he's having a lend of you")
Matilda : swagman's bedding, sleeping roll
Mug : friendly insult ("have a go, yer mug"), gullible person
Never Never : the Outback, centre of Australia
No worries! : Expression of forgiveness or reassurance (No problem; forget about it; I can do it; Yes, I'll do it)
Not the full quid : not bright intellectually
Ocker : an unsophisticated person
Oldies : parents - "I'll have to ask my oldies"
Pash : a long passionate kiss; hence "pashing on"
Piker : Someone who doesn't want to fit in with others socially, leaves parties early
Plate, bring a : Instruction on party or BBQ invitation to bring your own food. It doesn't mean they're short of crockery!
Rage on : to continue partying - "we raged on until 3am"
Reckon! : you bet! Absolutely!
Rock up : to turn up, to arrive - "we rocked up at their house at 8pm"
Schooner : large beer glass in Queensland; medium beer glass in South Australia
Shoot through : to leave
Spit the dummy : get very upset at something
Tea : supper
Thongs : cheap rubber backless sandals
True blue : patriotic
Ugg boots : Australian sheepskin boots worn by surfers since at least the 1960s to keep warm while out of the water. Also worn by airmen during WW1 and WW2 because of the need to maintain warmth in non-pressurized planes at high altitudes.
Ute : utility vehicle, pickup truck
Veg out : relax in front of the TV (like a vegetable)
Walkabout : a walk in the Outback [...] that lasts for an indefinite amount of time
Weekend warrior : army reservist
Wowser : straight-laced person, prude, puritan, spoilsport
XXXX : pronounced Four X, brand of beer made in Queensland
Yakka : work (noun)

July 21, 2011

Personal Pax

In my debut audio post (sorry for the linking weirdness – I’m still bumbling about trying to get a direct MPG file to download) I mentioned that I would love some questions from my Blogger friends.

Actually there is ONE question I’ve been asked a few times that I haven’t really addressed

“You never really write about yourself – just your Milsupport/adoptees and sometimes your home improvement work. What’s up with that?”

What’s up indeed! 

Firstly you have to understand that I was raised to not show my woes to the World. That whole “Smile at your enemy and cry in the dark” kind of mindset that is prevalent amongst some of the more stoic nationalities.   So only my closest friends are aware of all the dramas besetting me – and frankly I’m okay with that.  Those friends are bright enough to realise that while I might wail and rage against the unfairness of the Universe from time to time; that I won’t let it become my sole-state of mind and spiral down in to despair [actually most of them would begin applying a swift kick to my butt should I ever fall that far]

And Secondly – do you REALLY want to read about all that kind of Cr@p on a weekly basis?  Cause yeah... it would bore me to tears and I’m living it the first time around!

 So yes!  while I may come across as Ms. Sunshine & Aussie Roses – You, my Dear Readers, will (eventually) come to realise that :-

  • 80% of my natural personality is buoyant and up-beat.

  • 10% is goofy;

  • 5% Machiavellian

…and that other 5% is most assuredly Emo** and you will all be so very very glad that I don’t let my Goth-wearing inner-teen out very often at all (cause the poetry, quite frankly, bites).

 And let’s all be honest – You mostly come by this page for a bit of Aussie Madness; good cheer and the rare opportunity to win Musk Sticks – Don’t cha? J

Should you really want to be more than just a “distant blogger friend” then you’ll find my email in the Contacts section. 

Write me – start a dialogue – become a better friend and I will reciprocate.

But don’t do this if you are male and it’s *more* than friends you are after.  The Universe has recently yet again shown me that I am an abysmal failure at judging the True Heart of a person so I think I will be avoiding all emotional entanglements for the foreseeable future.  [well.. unless it’s Gerard Butler – cause a girl’s got to have her breaking point!]

**Emo has been associated with a stereotype that includes being particularly emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angst-ridden

July 20, 2011

Pax speaks out

well.. just a little bit (let's call this an "experiment")

click HERE

WW1 Diggers laid to rest

Lest we forget....   article on today's newswire

Fromelles diggers find final resting place

The remains of 14 Australian World War I soldiers have been officially laid to rest in a special headstone dedication ceremony in France.

The men died during the 1916 Battle of Fromelles, but their bodies were not discovered until 2009 and they were only identified in April this year.

Defence Science and Personnel Minister Warren Snowdon attended a ceremony to unveil 14 newly-marked headstones at the Fromelles Military Cemetery in France on Wednesday, marking 95 years since the bloody battle.

"It is very, very important for Australia to understand that this Battle of Fromelles was the bloodiest 24 hours in Australian military history - 5,500 Australian men killed, wounded or taken prisoner," he said.

"Almost a century on, we can finally give them, and their families, the dignity of a known grave.

"It is proof that no matter how many years have passed, Australians do not forget those who have sacrificed their lives in times of war.

"We just need to make sure that we don't forget but most importantly commemorate and honour their service and their sacrifice."

Mr Snowdon says the soldiers' descendants can now visit their graves.

"We've put them in suitably appropriate Commonwealth war grave, a new war grave at Fromelles, and now they will rest in peace forever in the heart of France and people will know where their relatives are," he said.

So far 110 soldiers found in unmarked graves on the battlefields of northern France have been identified as Australian, while a further 100 are believed to have served with Australian forces.

Mr Snowdon says the project to identify other soldiers will continue until 2014. He has urged relatives of those who died in the Battle of Fromelles to come forward with information.

The Battle of Fromelles was the first action Australian troops fought on the Western Front.

July 15, 2011

Caption Contest Winner

America's 1st Sgt. said...
"I think I put this in the wrong end!"
Oh so wrong.. but oh so funny.

Musk sticks (and some edible Aussie snacks*) soon to be on their way to A1S.

*Trussst me Bwhahaha!

Guarded Pax

Quote for the day

I'll start letting my guard down when people stop giving me reasons to keep it up

July 14, 2011

Quick Pax Post

I have so many interesting blogs planned but haven't yet found the time to execute the necessary steps for them (that includes the audio posts) - so sorry to be such a slacker, all -  but here's a quick watery Milsupport update instead.

It's SUMMER - well Downrange it is.  And as I have done every DR Summer for the last 3 years of Soldiers' Angeling - I have sent something goofy to my adoptee's

You can get your very own HERE
It's a water balloon launcher - or WBL in Pax speak.  Fun for the drenching of friends & superiors. It's a three man/woman/camel operation - one person each to hold one of the handles; and one to pull back the middle bit. A Fourth crew person could be added for quick re-loading the balloons if they're organised.  So definitely a team toy.

There are currently FOUR of these either heading or arrived in various parts of the Middle East - and hopefully they will invoke fun, excitement and only minor International Incidents (hey.. A girl can hope! :D).  I have suggested the guys bone up on their "Plausible Denability" lines just in case

"Why No Captain - I have no idea how you became so soaked. Random Rain storm perhaps?"

"Watery Missiles Admiral/General/Minor Deity - what ever do you mean Sir?"
And if all else fails they should just use the old stand-by excuse "The Goofy Aussie dared me to do it!"

And no - sorry - I can't provide any action shots.  Of the Ten that I have sent off to Adoptee's over the years nary a one of them have managed to take any snap-shots or filmed footage (one of them did mutter something about "...it's too hard to take a photo when you're running to hide the evidence" - what ever that would mean *sweet angelic smile*)

So I am hoping that all Four of my adoptee's (J, E, M & RAK Marines) get a smile out of these.

July 9, 2011

Pax's Renovations - Redux

So there I am - working away at the removal of the built in bookshelves when the blade of my Jigsaw gives a funny little lurch and then dislodges itself (no damage done to myself  since the blade stayed lodged in the soft pine board I was attempting to cut)

After I carefully unplugged the machine from the power board (see! Pax has absorbed *some* safety rules over the years!) I discovered that the locking nut that holds the blade guide roller in place is no longer there, and the guide roller and it's pin are now separated from the machine in a sad, forlorn little heap.  A check of the floor all about has failed to find the nut :(  [however knowing my klutzy luck I may end up standing on it the moment I pull my shoes off!]

Webmail has been sent to the manufacturing company (Ozito) - and if I fail to hear from them in a few days I will take the machine back to the Store for a "please explain how this is possible" discussion.  Cause.. you know... locking nut... aren't they supposed to ... umm... Lock??

So no doubt to my Neighbours relief, I will be unable to do any more work for at least a week.

However this is where I am currently up too - and as it's enough to give full access to the area where the new patio doors are supposed to attach I'm okay with that.

Guess where the Liquid nail glue was attached!  Good thing it had
adhered to the paint layer only. Repainting I can do.

Next step (non-power tooled) will be to expose the old Doorway's framework so that I can get accurate measurements when the Carpenter comes a-quoting. It's a 320cmW x 204cmH gap so hoping that the old framework is suitable or that if it's not, then removal & replacement is part of the work quote.

And for those asking about the DVD collection - well what remains of it (after the ex took what he considered his share) is in the part of the bookcase that I plan to keep (at least for now).  Sadly it will have to come out before I can re floor the lounge room but that may be 6 or more months down the track.

July 8, 2011

Caption Contest - a-la-Pax

Somewhere Downrange yet another brave American has encountered the insidious Pinkness that is the Australian sweet - Musk Sticks

Doesn't he LOOK HAPPY!   Bwhahahah!

So... how about a caption contest?  Winner will be sent their very own packet of the Pink Stick to try on themselves and their friends and families (Ain't I such a caring sharing soul?!)

**Edited to add - To sweeten the deal [heh.. bad pun!] and encourage people to actually enter, the prize will now also include some edible Australian items and a friendship pin (see! not just Insidious Pinkness at stake now!)

*Competition Rules - entries can come in from anywhere in the world.

*Winner will be required to supply a valid postal address (as per Opsec rules I will hold that address secure & private)

*You may make more than one entry but try to keep them relatively polite

*Competition closes on the 15th of July.  Winner will be mentioned on the Meepings

And.... GO!

July 7, 2011

Pax Picks Up...

Sigh... so pay no attention to the Wibbling Pax in the previous entry - I have since rediscovered my sense of humour AND my big BIG hammer (both are making the current situation at home much more tolerable).

In health update news - I Hab a Colb sniffle... honk... wheeze...  My workmates not wishing to share in my germy bounty have politely suggested some "at home time" so therefore I have had the day off work today - and possibly tomorrow.  Having an unexpected few extra days off of course would be a perfect time to do some more of the renovation work IF I wasn't currently impersonating a snot-monster [gosh.. I have no idea why I'm no longer alluring to males... honk.. wheeze.. must be that whole "eye of the beholder needing a blindfold" thing again]

In Milsupport news - I am having a great time corresponding via email to one of the recent recipients of my Cup of Joe coffee vouchers.  Waves to Landon!  He's US Airforce and currently stuck in an overseas country not ending in "stan".

I have also heard back from most recent Soldiers' Angel adoptee.  Aussie munchie parcel has been received and his crews' reaction to Musk Sticks seems to be on par with expected results (I do realise that it's on the "Pax Should Not" list but he insisted that he'd love to try the evil pinkness - and more importantly - share the pinkness with those around him).  He's yet to try them on vegemite so that will be fun for them
(BWHAHA!  cough.. wheeze.. sniffle... gives slightly snotty sweet innocent look to the Universe)

No word from J or RAK Marine group - I hope they are all safe.

And I'm hoping E has received a parcel containing the possibility for watery airborne missiles and the chance at another International Incident (or possibly he has received it already and thinks I'm barking mad to send such a thing to a desert zone. Hmm.. perhaps I *should* have sent him the tin of Dehydrated water first!)

Okay that's enough news for today - Snot monster is signing off and heading back to bed with an exciting romance novel (hey.. If I can't have it I might as well read about it! :D )


Edited to add - Just heard from E - he *has* received the WBL and seems quite chuffed about it :)

July 3, 2011

Pax'n tools

I shall have to admit that I'm not a natural with power tools - frankly they scare me :(

So when I say I am trying to persevere with the removal of some inbuilt bench tops & shelves I really mean I am trying not to run away from the task - crying like a little girl.

I have one friend who delights in telling me (whenever I mention I've gone off to the hardware store for more things) that I'll "One day make a great '(girl) husband' for some guy".  Yeah.. what I wouldn't give for the right guy to be here holding my hand and leading the way on the project

However you (and you know who I mean - don't cha Charlie?) who worry about my safety habits should not fear.  I have gloves, eye protection and breathing masks - and I may even get around to wearing all three at once sometime :D

**Edited to add... why yes - yes I *am* using a jigsaw to cut through the bench tops.  And no - I still have not quite worked out that whole "cut in a straight line" thing.  I am so much better with hand saws (so long as I remember NOT to try catching them in midair when dropped by accident)

**Re-edited to add..... Rage can be a wonderful substitute for skill!



July 2, 2011

The Meepings gets a Mascot!

I would like to introduce you to my new Blog Mascot - Digs the Digger Bear

Recognise the badges?
Your very own Digger can be found here

Digs is wearing the uniform of the World War 1 Australian army.  Including the famous "Rising Sun" lapel and hat badges.  He is also wearing my Australian/American friendship badge; and my Soldiers' Angel badge - both seemed to feel right to add to his uniform.

This is the very same style of uniform that my Great-Grandfather wore when he proudly marched off to war.  Sadly he did not return to Sunny Australia - he lies in an unknown grave far from our shores.

A "Digger" was a nickname for the ANZAC troops - begun during WW1.  There are many & varied explanations on what it means (see HERE for more details)

Digs and I will be heading off on a few photographic adventures in the upcoming months.  Starting with the Douglas MacArthur Museum - right here in Sunny Queensland.  Hopefully the Curators won't mind me bringing my Teddy in for a photo op.