July 7, 2011

Pax Picks Up...

Sigh... so pay no attention to the Wibbling Pax in the previous entry - I have since rediscovered my sense of humour AND my big BIG hammer (both are making the current situation at home much more tolerable).

In health update news - I Hab a Colb sniffle... honk... wheeze...  My workmates not wishing to share in my germy bounty have politely suggested some "at home time" so therefore I have had the day off work today - and possibly tomorrow.  Having an unexpected few extra days off of course would be a perfect time to do some more of the renovation work IF I wasn't currently impersonating a snot-monster [gosh.. I have no idea why I'm no longer alluring to males... honk.. wheeze.. must be that whole "eye of the beholder needing a blindfold" thing again]

In Milsupport news - I am having a great time corresponding via email to one of the recent recipients of my Cup of Joe coffee vouchers.  Waves to Landon!  He's US Airforce and currently stuck in an overseas country not ending in "stan".

I have also heard back from most recent Soldiers' Angel adoptee.  Aussie munchie parcel has been received and his crews' reaction to Musk Sticks seems to be on par with expected results (I do realise that it's on the "Pax Should Not" list but he insisted that he'd love to try the evil pinkness - and more importantly - share the pinkness with those around him).  He's yet to try them on vegemite so that will be fun for them
(BWHAHA!  cough.. wheeze.. sniffle... gives slightly snotty sweet innocent look to the Universe)

No word from J or RAK Marine group - I hope they are all safe.

And I'm hoping E has received a parcel containing the possibility for watery airborne missiles and the chance at another International Incident (or possibly he has received it already and thinks I'm barking mad to send such a thing to a desert zone. Hmm.. perhaps I *should* have sent him the tin of Dehydrated water first!)

Okay that's enough news for today - Snot monster is signing off and heading back to bed with an exciting romance novel (hey.. If I can't have it I might as well read about it! :D )


Edited to add - Just heard from E - he *has* received the WBL and seems quite chuffed about it :)


  1. ((Huggles)) - from a safe distance!!

    The good news about the lack of enthusiasm for ebil pink muskiness is that it's something that we Aussies can keep to ourselves (mine! my musk sticks!) without the rest of the world setting ambushes for innocent wandering Aussies and their Tim Tam-ey goodness.

  2. I do hope you feel better soon! Your support of out troops worldwide is awesome! No doubt, you bring smiles to many soldiers.

  3. We used to send Privates to the Supply Sergeant and tell them to get some deyhdrated water, 50 feet of sky rope and other stuff that supply never had.
    In San Francisco, they sell canned Fog.