July 14, 2011

Quick Pax Post

I have so many interesting blogs planned but haven't yet found the time to execute the necessary steps for them (that includes the audio posts) - so sorry to be such a slacker, all -  but here's a quick watery Milsupport update instead.

It's SUMMER - well Downrange it is.  And as I have done every DR Summer for the last 3 years of Soldiers' Angeling - I have sent something goofy to my adoptee's

You can get your very own HERE
It's a water balloon launcher - or WBL in Pax speak.  Fun for the drenching of friends & superiors. It's a three man/woman/camel operation - one person each to hold one of the handles; and one to pull back the middle bit. A Fourth crew person could be added for quick re-loading the balloons if they're organised.  So definitely a team toy.

There are currently FOUR of these either heading or arrived in various parts of the Middle East - and hopefully they will invoke fun, excitement and only minor International Incidents (hey.. A girl can hope! :D).  I have suggested the guys bone up on their "Plausible Denability" lines just in case

"Why No Captain - I have no idea how you became so soaked. Random Rain storm perhaps?"

"Watery Missiles Admiral/General/Minor Deity - what ever do you mean Sir?"
And if all else fails they should just use the old stand-by excuse "The Goofy Aussie dared me to do it!"

And no - sorry - I can't provide any action shots.  Of the Ten that I have sent off to Adoptee's over the years nary a one of them have managed to take any snap-shots or filmed footage (one of them did mutter something about "...it's too hard to take a photo when you're running to hide the evidence" - what ever that would mean *sweet angelic smile*)

So I am hoping that all Four of my adoptee's (J, E, M & RAK Marines) get a smile out of these.


  1. That could also be used on those pesky 2nd Lt's. A frag grenade from a few yards away works wonders for moral.

  2. No photos yet? Some gratitude!
    Make it a competition - manipulate the machismo. Tell them if you don't get photos, they get musk sticks!

  3. < Coffey.. I'm sensing you were never a Happy Follower :D

    <Suz.. Ehh.. they're in a war zone so they get a lot of passes from me. I have high hopes that latest batch of Adoptee's will remember to "Launch.. Snap.. Run.." in that order :)