January 24, 2012

Potentially Paddling Pax

aka "Where did I leave my water wings?"

Long time readers may recall that about this time last year, parts of my home state (Queensland Australia) had some exciting floods (recap of it here)

Guess what's happening now?  - if you guessed 100's of Millimeters of Rain falling in my local area today - you get the (rather soggy) door prize!

No need for me to panic though - my apartment block is on higher ground and is well sealed from the weather.  Getting to work tomorrow may involve some splishing & splashing about, however with the new Bus transit overpass I'll avoid the one creek that could reach over flowing/ path impeding.

And with Thursday being Australia Day (a public holiday here) - with Friday my rostered day off - I really don't need to reach anywhere important until next Monday.  Plenty of time for the water to subside.

Hmmm... this living in the "Sub-Tropics" - not always as great as it's cracked up to be in the tourist brochures!

January 17, 2012

January Pax-ing

It's Quiet at Casa de Pax.... too quiet.  

My neighbours are, no doubt, now sighing with happiness that the majority of my Apartment renovations are complete (for now that is - one day I will afford that Bathroom refit I swear).

Almost 10 months of work have resulted in a more live able space - one that is uniquely "Me" (and returned the apartment to pre-Ex-done renovation valuation - nice to be able to add at least $10K to the eventually resale price). 

Much of the work was D.I.Y - which resulted in a great deal of extra work done by my Dad that I did not foresee (he's a stubborn old dear - determined that it's better if he does things rather than risk me injuring myself.  I do so treasure him!)

Actually talking about my Dad - he's got some notion that now my renovations are almost complete - that I am at risk of an Emotional breakdown of some sort.  It's true that I may have initially used the "keep busy" factor to stave off dealing in part with the relationship breakup but eventually one (if you are a rational being that is) comes to terms that faults were on both sides and that Life should be embraced (regardless of how much a fool you feel for being a blind and giving idiot for X amount of years)

So yes... I've moved on - keeping my "Crazy Cat Lady" impulses to a minimum - and focusing on MY needs and wants for a change.  (oh if you are wondering - on the "wants" list. More penguins... you can't go wrong with Penguins.  But that's another post entirely :D)

I expect the anniversary of his leaving in February to pass - if not quietly (local friends - how about a Slap-up dinner in celebration?) then with few regrets that he's gone.  Oh and those wondering about Valentine's Day blues - ehh.. he never bothered really making me feel special even ON days designated as a World Wide celebration of love.

So yes... It's quiet here.  And I am enjoying it!

This post was brought to you by the letter P (for Penguins) and the Number 7

January 4, 2012

Pax is Happy - Ernest is heading home!

One of my Long-Term adopted soldiers (National Guards) is on his way home after an extended deployment and I am so happy for him.

He is a lovely guy - definitely a favourite to send treats to, and I have a warm happy glow just thinking he will be soon safe at home with his loving family.

Safe Travels Ernest - I hope your trip is short and uneventful!