March 29, 2012

March Catch up

Wow another month almost gone - this "consecutive" timeline thing is still so hard to get used to :D  (and yes... in my dreams I own a big blue British police box - doesn't everyone?)

A Quiet-ish month of gifting to my Adoptees - some treat parcels sent:-

A parcel of "Spring-ish" items to my newest adoptee G via the Soldiers' Angels store. Love the Bunny Ears!

and some nuttier items sent too. I think my favourite "utterly silly" treat for this month went to Adoptee R (a fellow Monty Python fan)

You can get it HERE

In other news -

the Camo Teddy is finally on his way to his new loving home with Janie.  Slight delay in his dispatch caused by the urgent need for me to replace my eye glasses (at $400 and not covered by my medical cover it caused a bit of Black Hole in my postage funds).  My Previous set of glasses had a bit of an "oppsie" when I fell during a Vertigo fit (erm.. yes.. the world does move for me unexpectedly).  So one lens badly chipped and scratched from the impact of me & them against the bathroom wall and urgent appointments made with the optometrist.  So glad that's all over!  (there may have also been some minor head trauma.. but I'm better now - Honest!)

and an R.A.K (random act of kindness) has just been organised for a distant friend.  Hopefully the on-it's-way chocolaty goodness will bring a big smile to this lovely lady's face :)

Now my plans for April. 

  • I need to find a Cookie supplier and send off a batch of yummy treats to my guys (or failing a real live baker - more Australian made cookies).  

  • I need to start saving up to send my guys their Summer fun treat of the 200-Yard Water Balloon Cannon Kit.  I've lost track of how many of these I have sent "Downrange" since 2009. One went to my very first adoptee (a lovely Chaplain - I'm not quite sure he ever really "got" my strange sense of humour but he was always so sweet to correspond with) and I think one to Izzy's crew too. (photos have never eventuated from any of these toys... although I am sure that one day I'll be browsing via google and stumble across a live-action post that blames "that weird Australian woman for sending us these".  I live in hope :D)
You could launch a Laden Swallow with one of these things!

 In "at home" news - well other than the spiffy new glasses, I have achieved very little.  Still hand-sewing the hems on the new curtains (in between blogging and reading blogs); still need to bring some sort of order to the "Great Book Collection" (a culling must occur as I have less bookcases after the renovation).   Easter family plans will include my middle brother and his family coming up to visit my Folks.  Looking forward to that!

I also have a new jigsaw puzzle I need to put together.  It is destined to be framed and hung in the Kitchen....

Available HERE
And yes... you may realise that I have a bit of a "Van Gogh" liking...  In fact THIS v one is about to be rehung in the bathroom

And THIS v one will go in to the hallway.
Not ordered from HERE because I refuse to pay $$ in postage costs to Aust
 Oh Gosh.. just realised they have a PUZZLE version of it to (madly clicks on the "Add to wish list" button)

Whoops.. better go before I convince you all I have an exploding Star fixation :).

March 25, 2012

So very sad to read....

" average of 18 veterans commit suicide every day"

The Article is citing failures at the Vetern Affairs department but I wonder how many times we all walk past someone in the street that could benefit from our help - or just our friendship?

March 20, 2012

Should you need me....

There are set rules for contact within the Soldiers' Angels agreement.  Contact downrange (unless requested to stop) is *REQUIRED* as part of our support contract (one of those non-legally binding "my word is my bond" type contracts that is)

And once our Adoptees go home then continued contact can only occur if the Adoptee instigates it (could be emails or facebook friending etc).

I am blessed that a good many of my past Adoptees have kept in touch (it gives me a Happy feeling to be able to know they (and their families) are safe and well).

But sometimes I think I need to get this tshirt and wear it around...

I'm the cute Fuzzy one of course :D
You can buy these HERE

To all my friends - past and present Troop adoptees and just those souls I've blundered across over the interwebs - My Promise is this. 

Should you need me - my shoulder to cry on - my ear to tell woes to - my heart to send you love - then I will be here.  (of course you may have to sit through a few recitations on how Star Trek is better than Star Wars and other geeky topics but that's worth it - don't you think? :D)

Didymus: And remember, fair maiden, should you need us...
Hoggle: Yes, should you need us, for any reason at all...
Sarah: I need you, Hoggle.
Hoggle: You do?
Sarah: [nods] I don't know why, but every now and again in my life - for no reason at all - I need you. All of you.
Hoggle: You do? Well... WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO?
[she spins around and sees them all in her room, including the goblins. She hugs them all, and a huge party begins]

USA Marines headed for Darwin Australia

News story - Posted March 20, 2012 12:29:55
The Australian Army says the first group of about 250 US Marines that are part of an increased American military presence in South-East Asia will arrive in Darwin in April.

US president Barack Obama announced late last year in Darwin that America will increase the number of troops, aircraft and ships that will come to the Northern Territory.

The build-up will see about to 2,500 Marines training in the Territory by 2016-17.

The Commander of Australia's First Brigade, Brigadier General Gus McLachlan says the first of the troops will start arriving in about two weeks. "This first year, of course, we start pretty small," he said.
"We have got about 250 arriving in early April. "From our point of view, everything is going well.
"This first year is almost just a foot in the door, proof of concept, and obviously it will build up in a pretty measured pace in the next few years."

Brigadier McLachlan says the army is concerned that the construction of the Inpex gas plant could cause traffic problems near Darwin's Robertson barracks, where the US Marines will be stationed.
As part of the construction process heavy trucks could use access roads near the barracks for nine months to cart gravel and rock.

The area also has high amounts of traffic at peak times because of military staff going in and out.
Brigadier McLachlan says he is talking to Inpex, the Territory Government and local governments about how to deal with potential problems.

March 19, 2012

We have a WINNER!

The latest CAPTION THIS competition has ended - well played all of you (and yes... I felt the "Love" from some of those caption suggestions.  Hmm... Christmas list is being recalculated... some of you have only 8 months to work on that :D)

And our Winner IS - drum roll please!



Congratulations!  I may have nightmares now about axe-wielding Marines (and not in a GOOD way :D)


I have emailed with Cozzles and asked her which prize she desired.  She has chosen the Camo Bear

However she has asked that I send it to Janie Junebug - with her Love.  She wrote
"I request that you forward the prize to Janie :-)- she's made it clear she loves it"

So Janie - would you please email me your mailing address (paxford AT gmail DOT com) and I will send out to you next payday.

For everyone else that entered - Thank you!  You have no idea how much amusement and joy I get from seeing your Clever Quips :).  LYLT!

March 17, 2012

One more day to enter the Captioning fun!

Just a reminder that there is one day left before the "CAPTION THIS" competition closes.

Details at :

As toys go...

maybe they should have rethought this one?

It's billed as a "Air Force Roulettes Stress Toy" (the Roulettes being the Australian Air Forces Aerobatic team)

You can buy it from HERE
I'm not sure which is the worst visual - picturing the Roulette member that feels the need to squish this stress toy OR the number of non-airforcer's buying them for "King-Kong" moments

However orders CAN be taken for my overseas Peeps - just email me :D

March 15, 2012

Trying to do that bit extra....

Lately I have been feeling like I am not giving quite enough of my time and energy to supporting the troops (both USA & Australian).

Currently I have 3 adoptees via Soldiers' Angels (deployed either Downrange or Overseas) however one went "No Mail" at the beginning of March and will be home (God Willing) safe and sound by the beginning of April.  My Other two adoptees are the super busy sorts so I hear only intermittently from them (I have no problem with this - rather that they concentrate on work AND contacting family than me - so just the occasional out-of-the-blue "I am still alive and well" email is all I need).

The Batch of Marines I adopted via have been silent for the last two months.  I am not sure if they have moved base etc (Prayers are being said for their continuing safety) so am mostly sending the odd postcard to stay (hopefully) in touch. Last silly item sent to them was my very favourite craft book "Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes".  Tried and tested across Iraq by many many adoptees (the book includes paper for plane construction so the guys don't need to worry about finding any resources).  [I am aware that some of you will be judging this as a 'frivilous' thing to supply however when given the choice - via emails months ago - their contact person requested "silly versus practical" to keep them smiling]

One area that I haven't really gotten involved with (so far) was helping send support and written "Hello's" to veterans and wounded warriors.  So tonight I have gone seeking for more involvement via Soldiers' Angels (they have some of the most amazingly organised support groups for all manner of groups - however I can't join the "Sewing team" - I sew but not in the quantity of items required nor do I think I can afford the regular shipping costs across the pond; Ditto for "Operation Top Knot" - which is hand made or donated Baby items for support of expectant military wives;  And I don't think my joining the "Baking team" would be a brilliant idea as my cookies would probably be brick hard after a few weeks in transit to the USA and then on to Downrange)

So I have searched through the available teams and believe I have found the very team that I want to give time and energy to -

The Wounded TLC Team
(extract from the SA information page on this group...)
The Wounded TLC Team is comprised of registered Soldiers’ Angels who want to make a big difference and lend support during the difficult time when a hero is ill or wounded. Knowing they continue to be remembered when no longer deployed can be a huge boost to wounded warriors who face months and years of recovery.
This team is the core of the Wounded Warrior Support efforts of Soldiers' Angels, and a vital part of helping the wounded recover both physically and emotionally for their challenges. Team members send cards and letters of support to service members who are sometimes suffering catastrophic injuries and need to know they are not forgotten. The only commitment is to send a card/letter a week. Individual packages are not sent, but sometimes there are requests for supplies for hospitals or a particular soldier's need.

If you know somebody who would appreciate support from the Wounded TLC Team, please email us. If you would like to join the WTLC Team and help make a difference in the life of a recovering wounded warrior, join Soldiers' Angels. Click here to get started! After you become an Angel, go to to sign up for the team.
And as of tomorrow I will begin to send letters and Australian postcards to a brave recovering trooper.  Hopefully he will get a kick out of receiving mail from "Downunder"

And this makes me a Happy Pax...

March 8, 2012

Caption This!

Due to the wonderful forbearance of a Zombie-destroying, World-saving Blog-writing friend, I have been permitted to post the following photo for my newest "CAPTION THIS" competition.

Doesn't he look wickedly competent with that?
(and not fluffy in any way what so ever - honest!)
 The Rules:-

Write a CAPTION for this photo

Must be PG-13! (if you feel that using a rude word is required then bleep it out - let's think of the potential that one day my Mum might read this)

You do NOT need to be a regular reader of this blog to enter (sniffle... but you COULD stick around and read more - just saying)

You can be from anywhere in the world.

If you win - you will need to supply me with a mailing address. I promise to hold the information safely and never share it beyond my Post Office.

If you leave your entry under the "Anonymous" tag - please be sure to add your name or nickname at the bottom so I can track you down later should you win.

If you find that Blogger won't let you post a message or worse - it disappears into the ether - then email me directly (you can find my e address under my profile)

The Winner will need to contact me by last day of March 2013 at the latest with their mailing address or there will be a redraw.

The Winning Joke will be judged on or about the 18th of March

Oh and the PRIZE(s)?

Because I know that some of you DON'T DO CUTE AND FLUFFY then it will be a Winners choice.

Prize the 1st - a Teddy Bear dressed in Australian Camo pattern

Prize the 2nd - a Vintage (as in it's mine and I've had it for a few years) Ball cap bearing the word "LIBRARY" (made in the fashion of F.B.I raid caps) AND a bayonet shaped USB stick*

Oh... and if you plan to win the Camo-Ted AND do Nefarious things to him (i.e Camo-Ted's excellent range adventure OR Womp-Rat-Ted and the T-16) then you have to take photos or film and SHARE.

And GO!

*If the winner is actively serving downrange then the USB stick can be seperately shipped to any State-side address since I don't think it's on the "Allowed to Post" list

**edited to correct a few small "typos"...