March 29, 2012

March Catch up

Wow another month almost gone - this "consecutive" timeline thing is still so hard to get used to :D  (and yes... in my dreams I own a big blue British police box - doesn't everyone?)

A Quiet-ish month of gifting to my Adoptees - some treat parcels sent:-

A parcel of "Spring-ish" items to my newest adoptee G via the Soldiers' Angels store. Love the Bunny Ears!

and some nuttier items sent too. I think my favourite "utterly silly" treat for this month went to Adoptee R (a fellow Monty Python fan)

You can get it HERE

In other news -

the Camo Teddy is finally on his way to his new loving home with Janie.  Slight delay in his dispatch caused by the urgent need for me to replace my eye glasses (at $400 and not covered by my medical cover it caused a bit of Black Hole in my postage funds).  My Previous set of glasses had a bit of an "oppsie" when I fell during a Vertigo fit (erm.. yes.. the world does move for me unexpectedly).  So one lens badly chipped and scratched from the impact of me & them against the bathroom wall and urgent appointments made with the optometrist.  So glad that's all over!  (there may have also been some minor head trauma.. but I'm better now - Honest!)

and an R.A.K (random act of kindness) has just been organised for a distant friend.  Hopefully the on-it's-way chocolaty goodness will bring a big smile to this lovely lady's face :)

Now my plans for April. 

  • I need to find a Cookie supplier and send off a batch of yummy treats to my guys (or failing a real live baker - more Australian made cookies).  

  • I need to start saving up to send my guys their Summer fun treat of the 200-Yard Water Balloon Cannon Kit.  I've lost track of how many of these I have sent "Downrange" since 2009. One went to my very first adoptee (a lovely Chaplain - I'm not quite sure he ever really "got" my strange sense of humour but he was always so sweet to correspond with) and I think one to Izzy's crew too. (photos have never eventuated from any of these toys... although I am sure that one day I'll be browsing via google and stumble across a live-action post that blames "that weird Australian woman for sending us these".  I live in hope :D)
You could launch a Laden Swallow with one of these things!

 In "at home" news - well other than the spiffy new glasses, I have achieved very little.  Still hand-sewing the hems on the new curtains (in between blogging and reading blogs); still need to bring some sort of order to the "Great Book Collection" (a culling must occur as I have less bookcases after the renovation).   Easter family plans will include my middle brother and his family coming up to visit my Folks.  Looking forward to that!

I also have a new jigsaw puzzle I need to put together.  It is destined to be framed and hung in the Kitchen....

Available HERE
And yes... you may realise that I have a bit of a "Van Gogh" liking...  In fact THIS v one is about to be rehung in the bathroom

And THIS v one will go in to the hallway.
Not ordered from HERE because I refuse to pay $$ in postage costs to Aust
 Oh Gosh.. just realised they have a PUZZLE version of it to (madly clicks on the "Add to wish list" button)

Whoops.. better go before I convince you all I have an exploding Star fixation :).


  1. I LOVE THAT SHIRT! And I had forgotten about the teddy bear - I read "cammo teddy" and thought "lingere? Huh?"

  2. The Spanish Inquisition shirt is great and Starry Night is my favorite painting.

    Janie, who will watch for Teddy every day until he is safe in his new home

  3. Go Marvin the Martian!

    I bet the cookie supplier is a frequent request. If I were stationed abroad, I'd def want to be in on that.

  4. I need that Spanish Inquisition shirt. A must for all true nerds!