March 25, 2012

So very sad to read....

" average of 18 veterans commit suicide every day"

The Article is citing failures at the Vetern Affairs department but I wonder how many times we all walk past someone in the street that could benefit from our help - or just our friendship?


  1. There area a goodly amount of veterans driving cars everyday, too. Some even have accidents. I think very few of the suicides have little to do with combat, but that they were weak to begin with. Just the fact that they were a veteran makes them news worthy. You don't see them say, a Baptist killed himself today, or a Catholic, or a truck driver or...

  2. It is very sad. I am seeing a lot of PTSD on the street with new Veterans. Makes my heart heavy.

    Hats off to all veterans!

  3. We just keep using up our disposable males. Sickening.

  4. That's so sad. Thank you for calling it to our attention.


  5. It's one of the 'dirty' little secrets...

  6. It is a difficult adjustment.
    I was lucky and I was hired on a civilian job by a retired Navy Commander, who understood what it was like and 'walked' me through the first year.

    That doesn't happen often enough.