August 24, 2010

Pax Augustus

I am not quite sure where the month of August went - I *blinked* and suddenly it's almost gone.

So a bit of a recap for all those following at home.

No word on Justin :( - I have been back in touch with my mentor at Soldiers' Angels and she is still looking into the situation.  It's possible that some of my mail got re-routed by error (via the USA Baghdad Embassy which.. I don't know.. seems more worrying than anything) and J is both safe & well and possibly wondering why the annoying Aussie lady is neglecting him (I really really hope & pray that's the case).  I have been considering seeing if I can find a contact for a Chaplain at FOB Stryker - just someone who can say "Yes! He's fine - stop worrying". I don't really know though if that would breach privacy or Opsec or SA rules so I'll think on it before I take any steps.

M.P. C finally received his replacement toys (the first order of two blue ones missed reaching C at his original base by 3 days and was promptly returned to Amazon by the express plodding pony post. 3 weeks later I was advised it had been returned & refunded... so new order arranged, resent)  - two of these to make the hot sunny days go by faster.

Newest adoptee J2 should have received a SA's hygiene pack by now too (my friend Vicki in California had to be my liaison for that, since I can't actually buy directly from SA's store [you have to be a resident of the USA to be able to use your credit cards there] and she included a sweet note from me to J as well).  September parcel for J2 will be Aussie sweets and a tinned marsupial since it's important to start the Aussie madness early (keep 'em laughing is definitely my motto.  Oh okay.. I lie.. My motto is actually "nothing in writing, nothing on film. Maintain the denability" but lets not scare the nice bewildered american military... at least not till they *really* get to know me :D )

K is going okay I believe - he posts on his Facebook page occasionally - helps me know he's safe & well.

Oh... and did I tell anyone about Kyle?  He found me via Green Beans Cup of Joe program and we've been exchanging emails for a while now.  Absolute Geek - I loves him lots (in a totally platonic he's-super-funny/lots-of-fun & gets-my-weird-movie-references kind of way of course).  I just recently organised a parcel O' goodies for him - including Vegemite with crackers and a tinned marsupial... reptile (I *ordered* the marsupial honest! but they had to make a substitution just before shipping. Sigh... at least it still required a can opener to get into).  He tells me that he has some really amusing photos of his boss trying the Vegemite (i suspect my trans-national love vibe is not working with *that* air force gentleman now Bwhahaha!).  Really - there's a trick to eating Vegemite and one day I'll share it with you all (maybe *wink*)

For those who have asked, and sent prayers, my mum is going okay. Still recovering from the operation and about to be subjected to some more scans and proddings (sadly the specialist believes they have found more tumours).  Mum is making sure that she greets every day with a smile and tries to appreciate the little joys that life brings.  So one day at a time and we are all counting our blessings as we go.

August 3, 2010

A Prayer for Justin

O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer,
please set angels over me to keep me in all Your ways,
to bear me up in their hands and to keep my feet from stumbling.

Mail I have sent to my Strong and Very Silent Soldier, Justin, has begun to be returned.

Please send prayers his way as I try to find out from Soldiers' Angels if they know if he's simply headed home (I hope) and gone "No Mail".

Sad Pax