August 31, 2011

Pink Stuff - Naval Gazing

You might recall from this post that I had enlisted the willing aid of a Naval person of my acquaintance - to assist in the acquisition of scientific knowledge on:- "The Candy Eating Habits of the Greater American Service Person" (aka G.A.S.P)

He's just updated his blog with his data and it seems that he's begun channeling Herman Melville - perhaps he's been sniffing the pinkness a little too much?

I should point out that although he writes - "Yet, I was powerless. She insisted. I did not say no. She insisted again. I did not fight" - that's not quite accurate.  I mean... that much work to someone uniform clad over candy?**  So not my style (*gives sweet innocent look at the universe* *ruins it by laughing wickedly*) But he's a nice guy so lets not destroy his viewpoint of the encounter.

However I am glad that he took the Musk Sticks off to his work and shared with his fellow Navy bods.

My data is now almost complete - missing only the input from the (how *did* Navyone put it... oh yes... "The Marine Corps is the Men’s Dept of the Department of the Navy")  So once I've heard back from A1S on *his* encounter with the pinkness I'll be able to formulate just why some people are affected, and others enfeebled by the wondrous Pinkness of Musk Sticks

Oh and Navyone - Digs said to expect that AusCam clad teddy bear in the post shortly... It should be bear-ing (heh.. bear pun!) an "extra special gift" just for you

**having just received a rather odd email I feel I should clarify.  My interest in any male requires him to be 36 or older - witty, intelligent and genuinely funny.  His liking Australian sweets is not a requirement.

August 28, 2011

Wounded Warrior Project

Suz over at Shining Pearls of Something blog advises how to support the very good work of the Wounded Warrior Project

August 27, 2011

A Cup of Kaboom!

I have just found something new that I must must MUST send to all my adoptees

Found it HERE
It's a coffee cup!

Think they will get a laugh from it?

August 25, 2011

Pax'ing the Pinkness

The Suggestion has been made to me (by persons who shall remain unnamed) that I seem to take an unholy delight in the tormenting of bewildered Americans via the insidious pinkness of the Musk Stick sweetie.

In my defence I must protest that my very first sending of the infamous MS – back in mid 2010 – was as simply another odd Australian candy (aka sweet / lolly) to send to my adopted soldiers.  It was reported back to me by the nice young Military Police trooper “C” as
 "I finally know what the colour pink would taste like - let's never do THAT again!"

Wondering if this was a simple aberration of taste (after all He IS from the same nation that thinks combining Jam and Peanut paste is a delicacy), I sent off some more MS’s in the next troop treat parcel to go out (to Pv2 J of the USA Army).  J's response to it made me laugh so much that I made THIS blog post.  J never did explain what he meant by the “priceless reaction” from his battle buddies – but it marked the real start of the “supply to as many of my unsuspecting American friends / Soldiers’ Angels adoptees as possible” plot.

Wait! Did I say Plot? 

No no – NOT a plot!

It is a scientific experiment I swear! 

And I now have hard data from my research that 9 out of 10 USA troops have THIS reaction
Airforce guinea pig... lovely lad!
There is of course that 1 in 10 that is obviously a misplaced Australian at heart (happy beaming smile at the thought) – these brave souls are then moved on to the Vegemite part of the taste experiment and the Hard data compiling begins all over again.

Oh and notice that I pinpointed mid 2010 as the start date of my MS generosity? – well it seems that Izzy (one of my very first 2009 adopted soldiers via Soldiers’ Angels) is feeling left out of the fun.  We’ve remained friends over the years and as he has a birthday very soon (next week even) one of the items in his “Fun Aussie treats” birthday box are a pack of the Pinkness.  I’m rather hoping there are action shots as he “shares” his bounty with his family and friends.
Why yes... I AM a sharing caring sort – thank you for noticing! 
(Hmm... maybe I should drop Minnesota OFF the “places I plan to visit” list?)
Sadly, however, my research is incomplete – so far I have only received scientific data from troops of the USA Army; the USA National Guard, and the USA Airforce.   Can you name the two USA Military Forces missing from this list?

However all is not lost - there are still two “experimental’ Packets of the Pink out in the wild – and so far uneaten (I believe). 
One pack is held by our illustrious America’s First Sergeant of the United States Marine Corp.  I begin to suspect that A1S may be hoping that the Pinkness will succumb to his steely-eyed stare of doom before he is required to taste any (Hah!).

The other is in the possession of Navyone who has been kind enough to offer up his sea-going taste buds for the test .

The fate of my experiment is now in your hands, Oh Gentle Readers, – So just drop over to their web-blogs and “encourage” them to participate.

Just a simple remark left on their latest blogs - something polite and to the point would work...
"Hey *insert blog name* so what about those Musk sticks?"
Do it for SCIENCE! 

Do it for the Pink Stuff! 

Do it for Queen and Country!.. .whoops.. you USA guys are a Republic, right?... okay do it for MY Queen and Country!  

Oh and don’t forget to tell them that PAX sent you (sweet angelic smile)

*** If you would like your very own Military person to send treats and friendship to,  then please consider becoming a member of Soldiers’ Angels 

For the cost of one parcel a month; one letter a week and the opening of your heart to a person deployed – you too can reap the benefits of knowing that you CAN make a difference in another persons’ life.

August 22, 2011

Pax enquires...

Would there be any interest in a competition for an Australian Army wool beanie hat?  (heh.. I had to google to find out what other countries called it - see the footnote!*)

I realise it's not yet even nippy in the Northern zones of the world but it might be something unusual and interesting to acquire.

I obtained two of these hats from the Australian Military shop a few months ago.  I had a few styles of hats to choose from ( I am sure that one or two of you will be happy to know that I sneered at the berets on offer - hehe) however the beanies won out.   

Hat one has gone off to someone that is occupationally follicly-challenged (ie. he's a marine) and it will hopefully keep his off-duty noggin warm in the upcoming wintry months.

Hat two is still here and looking for a new home.  It is black wool with an embroidered Rising Sun badge with the words "The Australian Army" underneath. 

The Competition will be open to anyone in the world, and will be shipped via airmail delivery.

So Let me know if you think a competition would be fun - and what sort of competition it should be  (and no... the "how many renovation disasters are currently besetting Pax" guessing game is not on the allowed list - since they are Legion!)

Remember - it's NOW UP TO YOU!

I will keep the suggestion list running for two weeks and then advise the outcome.

*The woolen beanie has a variety of names, depending on where you are. In Canada, these ubiquitous hats are called tuques. In New Zealand, Australia and England, they are still referred to as beanies. In the United States, they are called knit caps, toboggan caps, stocking caps, skull caps, winter hats, ski caps, chooks and sock caps, according to what part of the country you are in. The Amish of Pennsylvania call the woolen beanie a sipple cap. In India, it is simply a monkey cap.

August 21, 2011

Pax is less stressed

I caught up with my parents today - first chance to see them since they left a few months ago for their latest Bush camping and gem fossicking* adventures. 

They had originally only planned on a 6 to 7 week trip away - and then they began a weekly / fortnightly texting me that they were extending their stay.  Usually I don't stress about their long camping jaunts - they both know the bush well, and can judge if an area is safe to stay in (this is more to do with flood areas and/or bush fire prone zones than danger from our fellow man or animals or reptiles).  However my Mum has advanced cancer - currently held at bay by a course of medication - and I began to fear that things were not so well with her (more so than usual). And so my stress levels have been gradually rising the past month or so.

How can you tell a stressed Pax?

That would be the panda-eyed insomniac that begins to do way more online / email communications with distant friends (not always coherently of course)

the Pax that ends up sending more short notes / postcards to adoptee's rather than letters of substance (because you can't ADD to their stress levels by going on about yours - it's just not fair) ;

the Pax that ends up sending extra R.A.K. parcels out - hoping that they make the recipient laugh/smile or groan (really.. one or two out of three is always the goal) ;

and the Pax that avoids making the big life decisions without second and third guessing since it's all a bit over-whelming;

So now my parents are home and the GREAT news is that my Mum is looking well.  She seems to have a lot more energy and zest for life than pre-trip, and is making plans for later in the year with a steely-eyed determination.

So I am gradually de-stressing. I have hopes of even sleeping more than 3 hours at a stretch (with the added bonus of not having workmates enquire about the pronounced shadows under my eyes) and with clarity of brain will hopefully come more clarity of soul.

And I will make those life decisions soon - I swear!  Just needing to get over the first of the renovation humps and I can begin to plot my course for the next and the next and the next.

Oh and because there is always one that asks.... No - my love life remains non-existent.  However I'm thinking of drafting a "life mate wanted ad" at some point.  Now how would that go....

Single pale female - with geekish predilections (and adopted "auntie" to four) seeks non-numpty male to have and to hold.  Promises to lavish attention; affection and musk sticks upon the chosen one.  Male must be aware of the dictionary definitions (and show ability to conform with) of the following words - fidelity, honesty, commitment; and must not have an unhealthy continuing fascination with ex-wife.  Tolerance for vagueness, MMORPGing and medieval hobbies would be counted as a plus. 
Applications should be lodged at the Sign of the Fox**
Gules, a fox sejant the dexter forepaw resting on a heart argent, on a chief ermine three hawk's lures gules

*Fossicking...  gem & gold hunting - usually by tedious and back breaking digging & panning.

** Oh come on - you knew I was a big goofy geek all along!

August 19, 2011

Musical interlude

...because some days are harder than others...

Pax posts out

It's post day today - as in snail-mail going-off-to-my-troops post

It's been a low news week for me (no adventures with chain-saws or nail guns to write about; and whilst the dentist trip was $$ it was mostly dull) so this weeks' post are cards and postcards.

Hopefully colourful enough that they will bring a smile to the faces of everyone that encounters them on their journey

Oh and for those that collect stamps - the latest International one is this very cute koala

So Australian theme all the way - hope it lets them know that they are cared about!

To Plot or not to Plot - that is the Pax-tion

(with oh so many apologies to the Bard)

To plot, or not to plot, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The carrots and sticks of outrageous fortune,
And by way of illustrations....

One of these things is not like the other....
It's recently been suggested that I need to get a "normal hobby"...

August 13, 2011

Mid August catch up

Well I had half a post all written up but decided that it was utterly boring (unusual for me I know! ...looks sternly at the balcony section and asks them to shush J ) so you don't get to see that one.

How about a bit of a quick catch up on where everything Troop Treatie is at instead?

Soldiers' Angels adoptees -

Marine J is almost on his way home so I'm sending up prayers that he has a safe and quick trip home (not going via Mumbai and any International incidents I hope!).  He's no longer officially one of my Adoptees, however he has said he'd like to keep in touch once he gets home which I would love.

National Guard E is toiling away at his appointed task and (I hope) staying safe.

Airforce M just had a birthday!  He's a Buffalo Bills fan (that's an American football team and NOT a cowboy... just in case other Non-USAians like me get confused) and not having much inkling of what would make him smile the most I sent him one of these

Mr Potato Head does sports... How Spudly of him!
He assures me that it did indeed make him laugh so I am a Happy Pax!

Newest Adoptee does not yet know he has acquired the "Goofy Aussie Chick" to hug him and squeeze him and call him George to send him letters and postcards and parcels of treats.  Hopefully he won't run screaming like a girlie at the prospect [he is USA Army so I think they discourage that sort of thing]  First parcel to him will be from the Soldiers' Angels store so he should hopefully be seeing that in the next week or two (I now try to make sure the Lads and Laddies know who they have as an Angel prior to sending the more strange Australian items... that way they know who to blame!)

UPDATED TO ADD BREAKING NEWS: I have just managed to acquire a New Newest Adoptee.  Another Airforce member (sorry Navyone - still no Sailors on my list).  Parcel from Soldiers' Angels store is now hopefully on it's way to him with (most probably) some of the wrong data on the shipment sheet [seems SA's order computer got confused by the Pax way of doing things - whoops!].  I'll keep a small feverant chant going that the parcel does reach the correct destination.

And I have just had an email from my friend Landon - he is safe if hot (said that it was 130 degrees F the other day).  Must see if I can find one of those cool scarf things to send him.   I met Landon via the Green Beans Cup of Joe program (where you donate $$ and the troops get drink vouchers) and we have kept up a correspondence via email.

Oh and speaking of Green Beans. I just received a lovely item in the mail from them.  Last month they ran a promotion that if you sent more than a certain amount of donations, you would be sent a t-shirt. 
Very cool! - Maybe I should wear it to Starbucks (okay.. maybe if I ever go to a $tarbucks. We do have
them over here but I find the average clientele annoyingly pretentious at the store closest to me)
Ah.. and a question recently asked of me :- 
"How do you manage to afford to send off these treats? Are you independently wealthy?"

And the answer... "Independently wealthy!! Oh how I wish!"
Actually it involves a monthly budget which I try to stick to.  Other than special parcels for birthdays,  I attempt to send something of equal cost and quality to each of the adoptees per month.

My personal financial rules are:- pay mortgage and bills first; buy groceries; treat troops.  I am not much of a clothes or shoes shopper (I think that part of the "girl-gene" got missed on me since I'd rather buy books) and I don't have much of a social life at the moment so funds can be rerouted from there.  And with my rather nice tax refund financing a few extra treats for friends downrange and in other zones, my fiscal line is staying mostly in the black.

I also do not think of the Troop Treating as an task. To me it is a joy to know that I may be making someone thousands of miles away smile and feel appreciated. And of course there is the added bonus that some of the more whacky items cause such amusing feedback from my adoptees. So the smiles are shared back and forth.

Whoops.. okay that was not a *quick* post at all.  Sorry about that Chief!

Pax - over and out and heading for sleep.

August 7, 2011

We Will Remember Them

Prayers are being said for those lost in the tragic Helicopter crash in Afghanistan
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Lest we Forget

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

August 3, 2011

Veni Vidi Coniuro (Pax goes Latin)

Veni Vidi Coniuro - I came, I saw, I plotted
Primary Plot - Failed....  I guess Defcon One will have to wait for now - it appears that a timeline miscalculation will mean that birthday present for adoptee #2 will not reach him prior to his "go no mail/go home" date.

Which is a sad sad thing as I had taken great pains to find him his very own squeezable cootie ball (for fun and team sharing - as they do in the marine corps I'm told :D) Oh and a copy of this very educational book too.

You can also buy it from HERE
I guess I will now have to send a copy off to someone else, just so they can report back on just how easy it IS to make your very own flamethrower  (very important information for when the Zombie Apocalypse befalls us)

However Secondary Plot has been dispatched via my local Post Office today - time line for delivery...
hmm.... tricky....  10 to 12 days airmail to reach the USA (being no doubt intercepted by both Australian and USAian Customs) and then on from there via the Military mail system to somewhere not ending in "STAN".  

I'm sure the recipient will be delighted with the items within (and probably ECSTATIC when he discovers that no Aussie Sweets [aka candy] have been included).

And I am now utterly exhausted - this creative plotting sure does take a lot out of you (all that skulking about and pretending to be sweet and nice... so tiring!)

I'm now off to make some dinner, answer some emails and perhaps adopt another USA service person (there are over 1900 on the waiting list).  If any of my Happy Readers have the time (an hour or so a week is all) and the funds (not that much $$$ required - paper & envelopes & stamps to send a letter a week / goodies from the local stores for the once-a-month parcel) and the inner-kindness (if you exercise your IK then it grows tenfold!) then please consider becoming a member of Soldiers' Angels - they really do strive to make a difference in the Troops morale.

And now I leave you all with the very important question - Ubi est mea anaticula cumminosa?


August 2, 2011

Pax has been plotting....


Stand by for Defcon 1 in five... four... three....