August 21, 2011

Pax is less stressed

I caught up with my parents today - first chance to see them since they left a few months ago for their latest Bush camping and gem fossicking* adventures. 

They had originally only planned on a 6 to 7 week trip away - and then they began a weekly / fortnightly texting me that they were extending their stay.  Usually I don't stress about their long camping jaunts - they both know the bush well, and can judge if an area is safe to stay in (this is more to do with flood areas and/or bush fire prone zones than danger from our fellow man or animals or reptiles).  However my Mum has advanced cancer - currently held at bay by a course of medication - and I began to fear that things were not so well with her (more so than usual). And so my stress levels have been gradually rising the past month or so.

How can you tell a stressed Pax?

That would be the panda-eyed insomniac that begins to do way more online / email communications with distant friends (not always coherently of course)

the Pax that ends up sending more short notes / postcards to adoptee's rather than letters of substance (because you can't ADD to their stress levels by going on about yours - it's just not fair) ;

the Pax that ends up sending extra R.A.K. parcels out - hoping that they make the recipient laugh/smile or groan (really.. one or two out of three is always the goal) ;

and the Pax that avoids making the big life decisions without second and third guessing since it's all a bit over-whelming;

So now my parents are home and the GREAT news is that my Mum is looking well.  She seems to have a lot more energy and zest for life than pre-trip, and is making plans for later in the year with a steely-eyed determination.

So I am gradually de-stressing. I have hopes of even sleeping more than 3 hours at a stretch (with the added bonus of not having workmates enquire about the pronounced shadows under my eyes) and with clarity of brain will hopefully come more clarity of soul.

And I will make those life decisions soon - I swear!  Just needing to get over the first of the renovation humps and I can begin to plot my course for the next and the next and the next.

Oh and because there is always one that asks.... No - my love life remains non-existent.  However I'm thinking of drafting a "life mate wanted ad" at some point.  Now how would that go....

Single pale female - with geekish predilections (and adopted "auntie" to four) seeks non-numpty male to have and to hold.  Promises to lavish attention; affection and musk sticks upon the chosen one.  Male must be aware of the dictionary definitions (and show ability to conform with) of the following words - fidelity, honesty, commitment; and must not have an unhealthy continuing fascination with ex-wife.  Tolerance for vagueness, MMORPGing and medieval hobbies would be counted as a plus. 
Applications should be lodged at the Sign of the Fox**
Gules, a fox sejant the dexter forepaw resting on a heart argent, on a chief ermine three hawk's lures gules

*Fossicking...  gem & gold hunting - usually by tedious and back breaking digging & panning.

** Oh come on - you knew I was a big goofy geek all along!


  1. No NUMPHY male? Well, I guess I'm out of the running.

  2. Oh! And glad your parents are back and okay. Especially good news about mom. Sounds like the good old outdoors was good for her.

  3. Parents are like grown children. It always helps to SEE them, even if you can't control them. I really admire your mom's gumption.