August 31, 2011

Pink Stuff - Naval Gazing

You might recall from this post that I had enlisted the willing aid of a Naval person of my acquaintance - to assist in the acquisition of scientific knowledge on:- "The Candy Eating Habits of the Greater American Service Person" (aka G.A.S.P)

He's just updated his blog with his data and it seems that he's begun channeling Herman Melville - perhaps he's been sniffing the pinkness a little too much?

I should point out that although he writes - "Yet, I was powerless. She insisted. I did not say no. She insisted again. I did not fight" - that's not quite accurate.  I mean... that much work to someone uniform clad over candy?**  So not my style (*gives sweet innocent look at the universe* *ruins it by laughing wickedly*) But he's a nice guy so lets not destroy his viewpoint of the encounter.

However I am glad that he took the Musk Sticks off to his work and shared with his fellow Navy bods.

My data is now almost complete - missing only the input from the (how *did* Navyone put it... oh yes... "The Marine Corps is the Men’s Dept of the Department of the Navy")  So once I've heard back from A1S on *his* encounter with the pinkness I'll be able to formulate just why some people are affected, and others enfeebled by the wondrous Pinkness of Musk Sticks

Oh and Navyone - Digs said to expect that AusCam clad teddy bear in the post shortly... It should be bear-ing (heh.. bear pun!) an "extra special gift" just for you

**having just received a rather odd email I feel I should clarify.  My interest in any male requires him to be 36 or older - witty, intelligent and genuinely funny.  His liking Australian sweets is not a requirement.


  1. Ahh, great sigh of relief. No unpleasantness with our Southern mates and matettes. . .And a bear!?! You are a librarian and a lady. . .

  2. That was better than a picture!

  3. Glad you clarified on your interests. I bet with all of the good work you do, that is something that needs to be said regularly.

  4. @Navyone. Why thank you kind Sir. So good of you to help out with the science

    @Suz. Yes! He's very descriptive isn't he! All that Sound and Fury working up to a cresendo over candy. He's definitely one of my daily blog reads now

    @Slamdunk. Thanks :)