August 25, 2011

Pax'ing the Pinkness

The Suggestion has been made to me (by persons who shall remain unnamed) that I seem to take an unholy delight in the tormenting of bewildered Americans via the insidious pinkness of the Musk Stick sweetie.

In my defence I must protest that my very first sending of the infamous MS – back in mid 2010 – was as simply another odd Australian candy (aka sweet / lolly) to send to my adopted soldiers.  It was reported back to me by the nice young Military Police trooper “C” as
 "I finally know what the colour pink would taste like - let's never do THAT again!"

Wondering if this was a simple aberration of taste (after all He IS from the same nation that thinks combining Jam and Peanut paste is a delicacy), I sent off some more MS’s in the next troop treat parcel to go out (to Pv2 J of the USA Army).  J's response to it made me laugh so much that I made THIS blog post.  J never did explain what he meant by the “priceless reaction” from his battle buddies – but it marked the real start of the “supply to as many of my unsuspecting American friends / Soldiers’ Angels adoptees as possible” plot.

Wait! Did I say Plot? 

No no – NOT a plot!

It is a scientific experiment I swear! 

And I now have hard data from my research that 9 out of 10 USA troops have THIS reaction
Airforce guinea pig... lovely lad!
There is of course that 1 in 10 that is obviously a misplaced Australian at heart (happy beaming smile at the thought) – these brave souls are then moved on to the Vegemite part of the taste experiment and the Hard data compiling begins all over again.

Oh and notice that I pinpointed mid 2010 as the start date of my MS generosity? – well it seems that Izzy (one of my very first 2009 adopted soldiers via Soldiers’ Angels) is feeling left out of the fun.  We’ve remained friends over the years and as he has a birthday very soon (next week even) one of the items in his “Fun Aussie treats” birthday box are a pack of the Pinkness.  I’m rather hoping there are action shots as he “shares” his bounty with his family and friends.
Why yes... I AM a sharing caring sort – thank you for noticing! 
(Hmm... maybe I should drop Minnesota OFF the “places I plan to visit” list?)
Sadly, however, my research is incomplete – so far I have only received scientific data from troops of the USA Army; the USA National Guard, and the USA Airforce.   Can you name the two USA Military Forces missing from this list?

However all is not lost - there are still two “experimental’ Packets of the Pink out in the wild – and so far uneaten (I believe). 
One pack is held by our illustrious America’s First Sergeant of the United States Marine Corp.  I begin to suspect that A1S may be hoping that the Pinkness will succumb to his steely-eyed stare of doom before he is required to taste any (Hah!).

The other is in the possession of Navyone who has been kind enough to offer up his sea-going taste buds for the test .

The fate of my experiment is now in your hands, Oh Gentle Readers, – So just drop over to their web-blogs and “encourage” them to participate.

Just a simple remark left on their latest blogs - something polite and to the point would work...
"Hey *insert blog name* so what about those Musk sticks?"
Do it for SCIENCE! 

Do it for the Pink Stuff! 

Do it for Queen and Country!.. .whoops.. you USA guys are a Republic, right?... okay do it for MY Queen and Country!  

Oh and don’t forget to tell them that PAX sent you (sweet angelic smile)

*** If you would like your very own Military person to send treats and friendship to,  then please consider becoming a member of Soldiers’ Angels 

For the cost of one parcel a month; one letter a week and the opening of your heart to a person deployed – you too can reap the benefits of knowing that you CAN make a difference in another persons’ life.


  1. Be carefuller, Luv. Sending too much of that pink stuff out could be the cause of a state of war between Australia and the USA. The troops might take it as a jihad attempt to poison them. So to be safe and keep peace between the nations, send them all to me.

  2. @Coffeypot. No no - it's fine. Very soon it will be cold enough to start sending all my adoptee's TimTams and they will forgive me for the pinks :)