October 11, 2010

Warning : Musk Sticks are not for the faint of Heart

So I sent J2 a care parcel recently with some Aussie sweets and munchies in it.

Included therein was a packet of
J2 has given me permission to quote the following message he sent:-

The Must flavor Sticks were a trip i have a sensitive sense of smell so i got sick but the reaction when my buddies ate them was priceless
I'm not quite sure what "priceless" means in this situation... hopefully it doesn't translate as American Military speak for "we shall track you down and tell you awful jokes until you are sorry" (or some variation on the theme).

Bwhahaha.... next month I'll see about sending him some Vegemite


  1. Are musk sticks from the musk glands of an ox?

  2. >Coffeypot

    I had to wait until I bought a pack of them to see what the flavouring is. Package lists it as "artifical flavouring" so I would guess that's a no on the ox glands

    (of course the sugar headache I've just given myself by munching on some of the sticks is total self-harm. And yes.. they do taste "pink" :D)