October 31, 2010

Justin found and coming home (?)

Last night I finally managed to track down some information on my Silent Soldier Justin - and it looks as though his unit will be returning to the USA by the end of November. 

The information is from his Brigade's facebook page so I'm really hope that it's all of their troops coming home, and not just a few of them.

With luck he'll receive the Quackers Parcel before he heads home - their information on the "going no mail" reads
We're getting closer...November 1 is the last day to mail packages/letters to our Soldiers.

so hopefully it will make it to him in the 1 week/10 days time frame they allow.

J - if you ever read this - know that I'll continue to think of you and send the occassional prayer heavenwards that your life goes well.


  1. Hurry home, dude! Safe travels and peaceful nights.

  2. Well Lady get out the hair dye for those extra grey-hairs of worry that sprouted for Justin while he was out of contact.

    Hey Justin...Stay safe and have a great Homeward bound trip...Thank you for your time in the Sands of Hellish Heat.

    Miss Em

  3. Great news! Wbat a service he has provided for all our freedoms. Woohoo to Justin!