January 28, 2013

Pax and floods

So you might have heard that we have been having some wild weather over here in Australia....

"ex"-cyclone Oswald has spent the last few days creating merry havoc on the Eastern Seaboard as it swept down the coast.

We have had immense amounts of rain; huge winds and flooding.

Photos of some of the areas HERE

My place is dry and undamaged by the rain or wind - however some of my friends are not so lucky.  The Rivers are still rising as I type and we are unsure if their homes will be flooded out again (many of the same homes went under in 2011 which was listed as "once in 100 years flood").

And in other parts of Australia bush fires still rage...   Ahhh Australia - Beautiful one day, Deadly the next....

Come on over and visit!

January 25, 2013

Pax and pinking the Marines

I like to think of myself as "Not Evil - just easily Lead"

America's First Sgt Major... "Just saw this in my Supply office: "No Marine! No!"

Pax's offhand comment on photo... "So true... he must be punished.... (digs out the musk sticks and the postal boxes)"

One thing lead to another which lead to an address.. with the results being -

I wasn't *utterly* heartless and made sure the parcel also contained one pack of Tim Tams and some Caramello Koalas... 

So Marine Cpl Foster - where ever you may be - apologies from Downunder.

Can I send you something else to take the Pink from your memory?  Perhaps an Apocalypse Kitten? (I hear they are all the rage in certain Marine Households!)

For more adventures with Marines and Musk Stick Lollies - check out A1SM's posting on an earlier taste test adventure

January 24, 2013

Pax and plants

At home news...

In the hopes that I can establish a small herb garden on my balcony (and break the "Curse of the Black Thumb" that I seem to have for plants) I have begun a small "Green Project"

Day 3 after planting.
Nasturtium's in the top pot; basil and mint in the bottom

Oh and in case you marvel at how fast those two plants on the bottom are growing - sorry to admit that I got those two from the local market - already slightly grown.  The top pot - now that one is my gardening foo at work (from small seeds great things will come... and possibly be named "Audrey" )

Day 15 of the experiment and so far so good... even the current summer heat wave hitting our area hasn't (yet) caused any problems...

Milsupporting update.  My Official adoptee - lovely Sgt of the Marines - received the parcel of jerky that I sent earlier in the month.  He writes that he shared it with his team :).

There is a Valentine's Day parcel yet to reach him - a box of Old-fashioned V day sweets (according to the Amazon.com sales blurb at least).  Not sure if any of those small candy message hearts are enclosed but if they are - hope he's careful! :D

No word lately from the Unofficial Soldier adoptee in A'stan - Message received just after New Years that he loved the Christmas stuff.  No word since. I really hope he's okay!

Wish I could adopt another to virtual "hug, and pat and call him George" but have told myself that I must remain at one official only until I have a new job.  At least at one I can afford to keep up the level of monthly troop treats and not worry (too much) about my bank balance.  Sgt A is deployed until June so I still have some fun things on the list left to send him :)

*Pax is Plotting*

January 13, 2013

Quick update

The Rumours of my kidnapping by Clowns were sadly exaggerated*

However due to Bloggers new format changes I am unable to upload any photos without installing the evil and annoying Google Chrome on my computer (yeah.. no thanks) so until they fix/reverse or give me a better work around option I have a few posts that will be "on hold" for now.

Insert mental picture here - a lovely scenic shot of Heat wave affected Australia
(that's the burning bit at the other side of the globe from most of you)
In other news - still no job. Another application has just been sent off.  It's rather depressing to realise that in this day and age of digital communication that "must be able to use a telephone" is basic for just about any job on offer (even if they don't ever intend for you to be allowed to use the phone - you still have to have the ability).  Whatever happened to that Government Mandated "Disability Quota" system I wonder?
*I should point out that I consider Clowns to be evil and creepy so they are more feared than your average politician holding candy

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

And welcome to 2013!

Things I am grateful for...

  • My Mum is still with us - fighting the good fight against the dreaded Cancer.  She has her good and bad days but accepts every day as a Blessing.

  • My Family - both the near and far.  Love and Pride for them all

  • My Friends - both near and far (up close and electronic).  Could not get through the days without your support! (and snarky comments - you KNOW who I mean :D)

  • My Faith.  Although I am not a Church goer I believe in God, and his Angels, and his son Jesus Christ (I also believe that there are many paths to Heaven and so long as YOUR faith believes in Kindness and Care of it's young, old & vulnerable - you're okay with me!)

  • My Life.  I have my ups and downs - my good and bad days BUT I am alive, mostly healthy, have my wits and mobility; and in a 1000 little ways am so much better off than many.  I certainly can not complain!
Things I would like to achieve in 2013

  • A New Job.  One where I am valued for my ethics, work ability and determination to Get It Done.  Surely there is one out there somewhere for me?

  • Slightly less health issues

  • A cure for Cancer  (got to hope!)

  • Love.   I haven't given up on the idea that I do deserve someone who loves and respects me.  (an ability to overlook or adore my quirky nature would help ;D).  Applications accepted at the sign of the Dexter-pawed Fox

  • That I rock my University classes!  (I am confident I can do this!)

  • That my Adopted Soldiers - both official, Unofficial and those I acquire via the Cup of Joe Coffee penfriend program or Letter writing team - stay safe, stay well and return home quickly to their families.  Prayers for them all!