August 31, 2014

Waving from Down Under

*pops up out of oblivion for a quick posting*

Hello all!

Just a very quick update to say that I "still aint' dead" (Pratchett reference for those in the know :D )

Currently working two jobs to make ends met - 3 days (Monday to Friday) at one centrally located in the city; and 2 days a week on the far side of the city (3 buses to reach it so a bit of a commute). The second job is a temporary 'backfill' position while someone is away on six weeks leave.  I am hoping if I make a good impression that I will be mentioned to other libraries in the Government net as being reliable and useful whenever they need someone to do a temporary coverage.

Am enjoying both jobs - very different from each other. Job one is with a teaching curriculum area; Job two - a forensic library (and no... I won't read any more of the random reports that hit my work email from now on.  First one was enough of an "eewwww" to teach me)

IN at home things. Laundry refit is almost completed.  A number of delays - mostly due to my on-going recent health dramas - have pushed the completion back a bit.  The 14th of this month will see the installation of the handmade (by my Dad) bench top - and that will be the final item.  My Dad was keen to make it from the remainder of the wooden floor panels that I have in my lounge room - so he's been labouring over it for the last month (the longest and most vital board having a major bow in it - he's been flattening it via my older brothers gym weights set)

In "going to cost me $$" renovations - I have a Contractor dropping by tomorrow to quote purchase and installation of a reverse air-conditioning unit. A very necessary thing when I will be off on holidays come November (my "once in a lifetime trip" with a friend) and my Parents have offered to come and stay and look after my cat.  Their own home is fully air-conditioned and since November over here is the end of spring in to summer - I worry about them over heating. So large financial investment about to occur that I had originally planned to do sometime next year... opps!

And since I hate having strangers enter my place if it's a mess (friends - ehhh... they can and do survive with the inevitable detritus of my busy life) - I have spent much of today cleaning and de-cluttering (mostly items that belong in the laundry but have been living upstairs for the last year due to lack of room to both renovate AND store things).  AM exhausted but it's almost done

So yes - not very exciting life but one that is productive. Being a grown up can be hard work!

Oh and in mil-support... sadly I am without anyone to support at the moment.  My last adoptee went home in early August and I decided I need to take a bit of break till my health has improved. I miss having someone to spoil and make smile so I will be looking to rejoin one of the support teams come December or the New Year (but not the group I was affiliated with 2009 until earlier this year.  Their newly acquired worship of the almightly dollar offends me greatly when always before it was "for the troops".. now it seems to be "dollars for us first"...)

Am willing to take on personal recommendations if you personally know of someone deployed and in need of Happiness parcels.  They have to be willing to have an adoptive "Nutty" Australian Auntie for the duration and not mind receiving amusing snacks once in a while *cough Musk Sticks cough*.  Contact me directly - via the email listed on my "about" page

And now I need to head off to sleep.  Much to achieve prior to the Contractors arrival tomorrow (and woe to him if he fails to arrive - I was required to swap my only day off this month to accommodate him!)

Stay safe all!

June 27, 2014

Miss me?

Sorry for the bandwidth silence - life got a little bit hectic

Three days in hospital - surgery and then another week and a half off work to recover.

It was an abscess - it formed incredibly suddenly and doubled in size during my first day at the hospital so emergency surgery was required

I'm doing much better now and looking forward to getting back to the laundry renovations in a week or two (on the last stage now - just need to install a bench and put all the cupboards together [*cough* flatpack *cough*] and I'm done)

February 17, 2014

Slow Pax

... is slow.  And more slow at blogging.

It's not that I don't really have anything to blog about, it's more "do I really want to burden my friends with my dramas?".... the Black Dog of depression has been here to visit me recently

However in less angsty news -

My 3 days a week paying job is going well. I believe I am making a solid contribution to making their digital archive collection both compliant with the Audit (Document) Act; and ensuring that the items can be accessed in to the future. 

My 1 day a week volunteer job at the Museum library is resulting in lost literary treasures being unearthed (last week's 'find' - an 1888 printed book on an Australian Expeditery adventure that seems to be the only original copy left in the world - go me!).  These items have never been included in a catalogue or list of holdings so it is a surprise to the Library staff when I unearth the rarities from the archives

I am continuing with the renovations to my laundry - and by accident - my bathroom (discovered that the window frame in there needed some derusting etc).  Let's *not* talk about how well pavement paint can bond to laundry floor cement....  Grrrrr  [multiple coats of paint stripper seem to be having an effect].  Of course I need a clean floor (slightly scuffed with a sander) before I can lay the new floor tiles... 

Oh and I have committed myself to new window blinds for the apartment - wooden look wide slats in the 'plantation' style old world charm.  Once those are installed (in 6 weeks or so...) then the lounge & kitchen renovations are complete; and it's part the first of the bedroom make over.

I'd still like to win a fortune, find true love, and help with World Peace - but those ones will have to wait for another day to be actioned.

Sorry - Dullus Paxus et Maximus - I'll check in next month and see if there is any more excitement in my life.

February 6, 2014

An ending...

Feeling sad and a bit lost tonight... after 5 years of belonging to the Troop Support group Soldiers Angels, I have resigned my membership.

I find I am no longer comfortable with how it is being managed. I do wish all those Angels still involved the very best - may you continue to show the Troops your love and kindness until they all come home

Hardest thing was writing to my current adoptee to explain just why she will be shortly receiving a "you have been re-assigned" letter... I am sure that she will find a new "official" Angel to care and support her (and if she chooses then she'll have her very own unofficial "Fallen Angel" as well)

And perhaps a new beginning...

It's been suggested by a friend (and fellow Former Angel) that I join a new group that supports the troops directly - no red tape involved - just as much support and joy that I can send.

Let's hope they accept my application - I have a lot of love, care and kindness to give and I can't think of any group more deserving than those that stand in harms way, so that the rest of us can "sleep soundly in our beds"...

Wish me luck!

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I hope that 2014 proves to be a good year for us all.

And that all of those troops in harms way come home safely.

New Year Resolutions....
I think I shall resolve to be a better person - speak and act as kindly as I can; be there for my friends and fellows as much as I can; and (as my mother does) accept each day as a gift - not to be squandered