August 30, 2013

Update on adventuring

Interview was successfully attended even if I did look a bit like a super klutzy. (knee was sports taped to a far-thee-well and then constriction bandage added on top. Pain meds were taken).  I managed well enough with my balance that I only took one crutch for support (leaving me one hand to greet with).  The post interview "walk three blocks to catch a bus" may have proved to be a foolish plan but less $$ than another taxi cab ride.

And I think I did a fairly good showing.  They were impressed that I had managed to make the interview even after an accident - and I answered all their questions to the best of my ability (we tangented off topic a few times as I mentioned other facets that I could see useful for their library role). 

I should find out in a week or two - after their HR section finalises the short short list and checks all references and qualifications.  I would like this job - I can see me being able to make a difference to how they run their one person library; and would be able to turn it in to a necessary and exciting factor for their Business use. (sorry... next I'll be saying "proactive" and "synergy" and you can all pelt me with old socks)

And in other work news - on the 7th of September I begin my three week contract with a Federal government department.  Hopefully I'm off crutches by then (should be - my knee is un-ballooning nicely and the pulled and torn muscles should be healing well by then).

So Yes... my bank account is about to be happily receiving *INPUT* which, with luck, will become a constant and regular thing again (even if I don't succeed with the Library position, I will remain on the Employment Agencies books as a Trusted Temp so some work might come my way through there).

Shelving Plan Z then for the duration (that's the one that goes "travel to Texas and find a blind, senile gazillion-aire to marry and make blissfully happy".  But let's not calculate the odds on that one :D)**


**really not that mercenary... I'd no doubt end up just being his friend and advocate - oh and possibly vetting the actual real gold-diggers circling like sharks

August 28, 2013

Pax has an adventure!

Currently waiting waiting waiting at the Hospital  Emergency Dept to be seen

Hopefully they can un-dislocate my kneecap, issue me effective pain meds and crutches and let me home at a reasonable hour

Oh! Should I mention I have the all important job interview *tomorrow*  and that my 3 weeks of contract work (requiring standing and moving) starts on the 7th of Sept?

[feeling like the Universe is conspiring against me]


Medical verdict is - knee cap did dislocate when I wrenched it but quick application of ice and compression by the Museum First Aid officer helped it pop back in by the time the ambulance got me to the hospital.

Currently I have only pulled muscles and some torn ligaments to recover from. ...I have some pain meds and crutches and a compression bandage applied.

Physio said he could see no problem with me making my interview tomorrow - so long as I take it slow and carefully. He thinks the swelling and pulled muscles etc should have calmed down in a week. (Interning Doctor was much more pessimistic but I plan to ignore most of that... *fingers in ears la la la la*)

August 18, 2013

More Adventures of the USA Flat Soldiers

Last week our Heroes and Shero were spotted at the Queensland Exhibition (aka our State Fair)

They looked to be having a great deal of fun!

They found the Pirates Revenge Water ride
Watched the Dairy Cow judging
Stopped by the Australian themed garden display
Failed to be pecked by Kookaburra statues
And ended their day at the Funnel Cake stall
Later in the week they were spotted at the Queensland Museum...

"Swimming" with the Fishes at the Great Barrier Reef exhibit
Visiting the Muttaburrasaurus langdoni
Much fun was had by all (especially the curious by-standers who would engage me in chat with the opening line of "What ever are you doing?".  It's a good opportunity to mention to them that Troop Support programs exist all around the globe!)

Next week.... more adventures of the Flat and Funny.... STAY TUNED!

August 11, 2013

News Flash! USA Soldiers spied at Medieval event

well... okay so it's Flat Soldiers (a modern-day Troop Support version of the Flat Stanley).  The Goal is for volunteers to print off the Flat Soldier picture and photograph them on adventures around your home town.  Since I'm one of the SA Downunders' - my photos will be just a wee bit "Exotic" to the average American eye (I hope! :D).  The Photos are then whizzed back to the Soldier's individual Angels for sending on (or in the case of one really clever Angel - added to a photo album titled "What I really did on my last Tour!")

So this last weekend - my FS's joined me on an adventure. My Medieval friends (Society of Creative Anachronism) and I had agreed to travel up the Queensland hinterlands to Nanango to help one of our newer households hold their first event at the local Art Gallery's "Medieval Fair Day"

There were Tourneys and Vikings and Tempting Fudge sellers (who had cunningly added their wares to a pull along cart so they could entice us all with movable goodies)

End of Bout 1 - the defeated on the ground and Miss FS cheering on the victor!)

Beginning of Bout 2
The Author.... attempting to look demure!
All five FS's honing in on the static photo display

Tomorrow or Tuesday the Flat Troopers and I will be off to the local State Fair (known locally as the Queensland Royal Exhibition - and by the locals as the "EKKA").  I am hoping for some good shots with fairy floss; and prize winning sheep etc.  [Stand by for the News reports of "Strange woman stampeded by Sheep at Local Faire" :D

Later in the week they will also accompany me to my Museum job.  The Museum has a "life on the reef" exhibit at the moment - swimming with Nemo would be a good photo I think!

August 2, 2013

Mummy's and Romans Oh My!

A few weeks back I found myself on the campus of the University of Queensland.  I was there for a job interview (unsuccessful I'm afraid) and decided to stop by the Antiquities Museum in a bid to seek inner-calm prior to the interview

It's really a smashing place Gromit!

The entrance to the museum is located off the Great Court - in the Michie Building

And there are some lovely items on display!

They even had a "Name our Mummy" competition running when I was there...

If you would like to know more about the Antiquities Museum then click on the LINKY