August 28, 2013

Pax has an adventure!

Currently waiting waiting waiting at the Hospital  Emergency Dept to be seen

Hopefully they can un-dislocate my kneecap, issue me effective pain meds and crutches and let me home at a reasonable hour

Oh! Should I mention I have the all important job interview *tomorrow*  and that my 3 weeks of contract work (requiring standing and moving) starts on the 7th of Sept?

[feeling like the Universe is conspiring against me]


Medical verdict is - knee cap did dislocate when I wrenched it but quick application of ice and compression by the Museum First Aid officer helped it pop back in by the time the ambulance got me to the hospital.

Currently I have only pulled muscles and some torn ligaments to recover from. ...I have some pain meds and crutches and a compression bandage applied.

Physio said he could see no problem with me making my interview tomorrow - so long as I take it slow and carefully. He thinks the swelling and pulled muscles etc should have calmed down in a week. (Interning Doctor was much more pessimistic but I plan to ignore most of that... *fingers in ears la la la la*)


  1. Suzanne - most of my body zigged but my knee decided to zag. Result was dislocated kneecap.

    However I am doing better now and should - hopefully - be back to normal in a week or so

  2. So sorry. I wish you all the best for your interview.


  3. yikes, hope yu heal swiftly..and good luck in the interview!!

  4. Remember: "You can't have an adventure without some part of it sucking."

  5. So sorry to hear about that 'adventure'... And +1 on CI!!!