August 30, 2013

Update on adventuring

Interview was successfully attended even if I did look a bit like a super klutzy. (knee was sports taped to a far-thee-well and then constriction bandage added on top. Pain meds were taken).  I managed well enough with my balance that I only took one crutch for support (leaving me one hand to greet with).  The post interview "walk three blocks to catch a bus" may have proved to be a foolish plan but less $$ than another taxi cab ride.

And I think I did a fairly good showing.  They were impressed that I had managed to make the interview even after an accident - and I answered all their questions to the best of my ability (we tangented off topic a few times as I mentioned other facets that I could see useful for their library role). 

I should find out in a week or two - after their HR section finalises the short short list and checks all references and qualifications.  I would like this job - I can see me being able to make a difference to how they run their one person library; and would be able to turn it in to a necessary and exciting factor for their Business use. (sorry... next I'll be saying "proactive" and "synergy" and you can all pelt me with old socks)

And in other work news - on the 7th of September I begin my three week contract with a Federal government department.  Hopefully I'm off crutches by then (should be - my knee is un-ballooning nicely and the pulled and torn muscles should be healing well by then).

So Yes... my bank account is about to be happily receiving *INPUT* which, with luck, will become a constant and regular thing again (even if I don't succeed with the Library position, I will remain on the Employment Agencies books as a Trusted Temp so some work might come my way through there).

Shelving Plan Z then for the duration (that's the one that goes "travel to Texas and find a blind, senile gazillion-aire to marry and make blissfully happy".  But let's not calculate the odds on that one :D)**


**really not that mercenary... I'd no doubt end up just being his friend and advocate - oh and possibly vetting the actual real gold-diggers circling like sharks


  1. I am a kept woman. I recommend it highly, but only as a back-up plan. I would prefer to have a job, and I hope you are hired. Just don't say a business is going to "partner" with some other entity. I can't bear that.


  2. Congrats on a good interview, and fingers crossed for you Lady!

  3. Congrats on a good interview, and fingers crossed for you Lady!

  4. Good luck to you Mari.

    PS- Don't forget: Paradigm...