August 22, 2011

Pax enquires...

Would there be any interest in a competition for an Australian Army wool beanie hat?  (heh.. I had to google to find out what other countries called it - see the footnote!*)

I realise it's not yet even nippy in the Northern zones of the world but it might be something unusual and interesting to acquire.

I obtained two of these hats from the Australian Military shop a few months ago.  I had a few styles of hats to choose from ( I am sure that one or two of you will be happy to know that I sneered at the berets on offer - hehe) however the beanies won out.   

Hat one has gone off to someone that is occupationally follicly-challenged (ie. he's a marine) and it will hopefully keep his off-duty noggin warm in the upcoming wintry months.

Hat two is still here and looking for a new home.  It is black wool with an embroidered Rising Sun badge with the words "The Australian Army" underneath. 

The Competition will be open to anyone in the world, and will be shipped via airmail delivery.

So Let me know if you think a competition would be fun - and what sort of competition it should be  (and no... the "how many renovation disasters are currently besetting Pax" guessing game is not on the allowed list - since they are Legion!)

Remember - it's NOW UP TO YOU!

I will keep the suggestion list running for two weeks and then advise the outcome.

*The woolen beanie has a variety of names, depending on where you are. In Canada, these ubiquitous hats are called tuques. In New Zealand, Australia and England, they are still referred to as beanies. In the United States, they are called knit caps, toboggan caps, stocking caps, skull caps, winter hats, ski caps, chooks and sock caps, according to what part of the country you are in. The Amish of Pennsylvania call the woolen beanie a sipple cap. In India, it is simply a monkey cap.


  1. teehee - for all the non-aussies - best use of rhyming slang :-)


  2. It really doesn't get cold enough her to own one. But I'm game.

  3. Maybe something musk stick-related? Whatever you do, let Coffeypot enter at least twice!

  4. < Laughs at Cozzles suggestion

    <Coffeypot -You would look dashing in it!

    <Suz - lol, does Coffeypot get to have the hat AND musk sticks too? :D


  5. Definitely. And I want a picture.