August 3, 2011

Veni Vidi Coniuro (Pax goes Latin)

Veni Vidi Coniuro - I came, I saw, I plotted
Primary Plot - Failed....  I guess Defcon One will have to wait for now - it appears that a timeline miscalculation will mean that birthday present for adoptee #2 will not reach him prior to his "go no mail/go home" date.

Which is a sad sad thing as I had taken great pains to find him his very own squeezable cootie ball (for fun and team sharing - as they do in the marine corps I'm told :D) Oh and a copy of this very educational book too.

You can also buy it from HERE
I guess I will now have to send a copy off to someone else, just so they can report back on just how easy it IS to make your very own flamethrower  (very important information for when the Zombie Apocalypse befalls us)

However Secondary Plot has been dispatched via my local Post Office today - time line for delivery...
hmm.... tricky....  10 to 12 days airmail to reach the USA (being no doubt intercepted by both Australian and USAian Customs) and then on from there via the Military mail system to somewhere not ending in "STAN".  

I'm sure the recipient will be delighted with the items within (and probably ECSTATIC when he discovers that no Aussie Sweets [aka candy] have been included).

And I am now utterly exhausted - this creative plotting sure does take a lot out of you (all that skulking about and pretending to be sweet and nice... so tiring!)

I'm now off to make some dinner, answer some emails and perhaps adopt another USA service person (there are over 1900 on the waiting list).  If any of my Happy Readers have the time (an hour or so a week is all) and the funds (not that much $$$ required - paper & envelopes & stamps to send a letter a week / goodies from the local stores for the once-a-month parcel) and the inner-kindness (if you exercise your IK then it grows tenfold!) then please consider becoming a member of Soldiers' Angels - they really do strive to make a difference in the Troops morale.

And now I leave you all with the very important question - Ubi est mea anaticula cumminosa?


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