July 31, 2011

July roundup

Wow - not quite sure where the month of July went but it's gone gone gone (well.. in just under 3 hours here in Australia it will be)

So just a bit of a recap of the July Pax zone

*Water Balloon launchers dispatched to all my adoptee's - no International incidents reported (so far)

* Birthday present organised for Adoptee #3

*Item of solar protection ordered for a friend - should be amusing when that one turns up

*The usual cards, postcards and letters sent off weekly - hopefully NOT boring their socks off

*Some friendship badges sent off to Mr Coffeypot - he has a reunion coming up shortly and said they would be treasured by his fellow shipmates

* Oh.. and some Musk sticks went off to the winner of the caption contest. I believe he is *thrilled* (or was it terrified?  Definitely one of those "T" words I'm sure)

I have also begun the gathering of items for the handmade Christmas wreaths and Koala Santa stockings that I will be making shortly.  All three of my current adoptee's will be home by December so it's forward planning for the next batch of bewildered American Troops (aka the lucky lucky souls - Bwhahaha :D)

In "at home" news - I have committed to almost $4K of new doors for the veranda - installation in about 5 weeks, which will segue nicely into my planned two weeks of recreation leave [which will be now spent painting the new doors/framework etc. Sadly finishing wasn't included in the price ;( ]

And my parents may return home from their extended bush holiday shortly.  I have received the occasional text message advising me of their continuing wellness, but no word on whether they have found fabulous gems or Lasseter's Reef  (gold & gem fossicking grey nomads can be cagey about that sort of information :D)

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