July 21, 2011

Personal Pax

In my debut audio post (sorry for the linking weirdness – I’m still bumbling about trying to get a direct MPG file to download) I mentioned that I would love some questions from my Blogger friends.

Actually there is ONE question I’ve been asked a few times that I haven’t really addressed

“You never really write about yourself – just your Milsupport/adoptees and sometimes your home improvement work. What’s up with that?”

What’s up indeed! 

Firstly you have to understand that I was raised to not show my woes to the World. That whole “Smile at your enemy and cry in the dark” kind of mindset that is prevalent amongst some of the more stoic nationalities.   So only my closest friends are aware of all the dramas besetting me – and frankly I’m okay with that.  Those friends are bright enough to realise that while I might wail and rage against the unfairness of the Universe from time to time; that I won’t let it become my sole-state of mind and spiral down in to despair [actually most of them would begin applying a swift kick to my butt should I ever fall that far]

And Secondly – do you REALLY want to read about all that kind of Cr@p on a weekly basis?  Cause yeah... it would bore me to tears and I’m living it the first time around!

 So yes!  while I may come across as Ms. Sunshine & Aussie Roses – You, my Dear Readers, will (eventually) come to realise that :-

  • 80% of my natural personality is buoyant and up-beat.

  • 10% is goofy;

  • 5% Machiavellian

…and that other 5% is most assuredly Emo** and you will all be so very very glad that I don’t let my Goth-wearing inner-teen out very often at all (cause the poetry, quite frankly, bites).

 And let’s all be honest – You mostly come by this page for a bit of Aussie Madness; good cheer and the rare opportunity to win Musk Sticks – Don’t cha? J

Should you really want to be more than just a “distant blogger friend” then you’ll find my email in the Contacts section. 

Write me – start a dialogue – become a better friend and I will reciprocate.

But don’t do this if you are male and it’s *more* than friends you are after.  The Universe has recently yet again shown me that I am an abysmal failure at judging the True Heart of a person so I think I will be avoiding all emotional entanglements for the foreseeable future.  [well.. unless it’s Gerard Butler – cause a girl’s got to have her breaking point!]

**Emo has been associated with a stereotype that includes being particularly emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angst-ridden

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  1. I enjoy reading about your milsupport activities. But no matter how friendly we get, please do not send me anything with the word musk in it.