July 2, 2011

The Meepings gets a Mascot!

I would like to introduce you to my new Blog Mascot - Digs the Digger Bear

Recognise the badges?
Your very own Digger can be found here

Digs is wearing the uniform of the World War 1 Australian army.  Including the famous "Rising Sun" lapel and hat badges.  He is also wearing my Australian/American friendship badge; and my Soldiers' Angel badge - both seemed to feel right to add to his uniform.

This is the very same style of uniform that my Great-Grandfather wore when he proudly marched off to war.  Sadly he did not return to Sunny Australia - he lies in an unknown grave far from our shores.

A "Digger" was a nickname for the ANZAC troops - begun during WW1.  There are many & varied explanations on what it means (see HERE for more details)

Digs and I will be heading off on a few photographic adventures in the upcoming months.  Starting with the Douglas MacArthur Museum - right here in Sunny Queensland.  Hopefully the Curators won't mind me bringing my Teddy in for a photo op.


  1. I like your new companion. Very cool that the pins work, too. Look forward to the pics.

  2. Love it! an excellent mascot :)

  3. Aww! I'm looking forward to the pictures!