June 28, 2011

Aussie Troop support...

I have been asked a few times why I support the USA troops instead of my home-grown Downunder lads and ladies.

Well.... it's really so much easier to find reputable support groups already set up in the USA (such as Soldiers' Angels / Green Beans Coffee / AnyMarine) -  and I know, from personal experience and from Friends recommendations, that these groups are run efficiently and with respect for the troops and their operational security.

Since Australia has only about 1550 troops deployed at this time, home grown support groups are not as easily found.  I don't have personal contacts within the Regiments (much to my Mothers joy, my days of dating the Uniform'd are past) so finding an insider that coordinates needs, wants & contacts is almost impossible.

And our official Defence website Troop Support has only the option of sending emails* off into the ether OR buying premade postcards that you can then dispatch to an official Australian defence address that will forward them on to Downrange.  (*the email address has a number of stipulations and information re. spam attacks so I'm a bit doubtful of it's efficiency)

In the interest in seeing just what the postcards can do (who they can reach - will there be a reply/response? - what time line will that take?) I have just purchased a 10 pack of Official (and rather ugly looking!) postcards.  Once received I will send them off - bearing happy troop support messages and report on the outcome (who knows! I might find some Australian "over there" in need of a steady supply of Aussie Musk Stick sweeties!)


  1. I think it's kind of cute! And yes, it's a good way to make contacts, one at a time. Good for you.

  2. Give the Blokes a hardy G'Day from a Tin Can Sailor.