June 14, 2011

Safe Travels Jerad!

I have received word from Soldiers' Angels admin that my super-silent-adoptee Jerad has completed his deployment and is (or will be soon) on his way home.

Whilst I never did have any contact from him, many prayers were sent heaven-ward on his behalf.

I hope his trip home is safe and uneventful!


  1. And good riddance to the selfish ass. The least he could have done is send a thank you to you. But, he is a knuckle dagger, and probably can't write. You did well, he just sponged.

  2. < Coffeypot - I'm sure there are many reasons why adopted soldiers & airman don't get in contact.

    Could be as simple not being comfortable at stringing written words together; to being afraid to reach out to a stranger when your world is a confusing place.

    So I will keep him in my prayers and concentrate on the latest bunch of bewildered Americans that I am troop-treating :)