June 24, 2011

Pax has been Caffeinated!

Wow those Green Bean Coffee people are super organised!  I sent out 30 coffee vouchers on tuesday and by tonight (friday) 28 of those have gone out to (I'm hoping) now slightly happier-and-coffee-filled troops.

I have also had a couple of Pen-friend (well.. in this electronic day & age - email actually) requests, and I'm busy sending back Hello's tonight.

And fear not Oh Loyal Readers - I will remember to consult the "Pax should NOT" list in the event I end up sending any of them Aussie munchies (mutter.. grumble... well at least *I* like Musk Sticks so all the more for ME!)

If you happen to find yourself with a bit of extra change and the desire to make someone deserving happy with an RAK (random act of kindness) then I can really recommend the Cup of Joe program (click on the side bar link to go straight to their donation page)

Even more fun than an explosive-carrying Penguin!

1 comment:

  1. I will look into the Cup of Joe program. Was waiting to hear some positive feedback...thank you!