December 27, 2012

Post Christmas Paxing

Well this week has gone quickly!

Christmas Eve I headed over to my Parents - plan was to stay the night and be there for most of Christmas Day.  The whole "going to bed at 8.30pm" thing was a bit of a novelty to me but I survived the night.  Christmas Day with the Parents and my eldest brother was very nice - we played some board games (traditional Christmas past time in my family) and I helped Mum with one of her jigsaw puzzles. And a lunch of cold meats (ham & chicken) and salads and then Trifle for dessert - YUM!

Home to my place by 4ish.

Boxing Day (yesterday) I had a ticket to see The Hobbit (part the first) and yes I very much enjoyed it!  Plans are to go back and see it again on the big screen (but on a half-price ticket day I think) - actually hoping by the time I re-see it I will have more hearing capacity (or can find a subtitled screening) - context of words to action is always a good thing :D.

Today (the 27th) my much anticipated Specialist Ear Doctor appointment occurred.   Diagnosed with "chronic fungal infection" in the ear canals - YUCK!.  Doctor has used the world smallest vacuum cleaner to hoover out the junk and has applied some really strong anti-fungal ointment to the left ear and prescribed some less radical drops for the right ear due to it harbouring the hearing aid.  He also told me "bed rest and take it slowly" for the next week or so as I *will* be feeling the side effects as it all heals up.  [and yes... I will be following his advice - five hour nap occurred when I reached home from the appointment today and I am still feeling a bit wobbly and woozy]

So tomorrow until New Years day I will be a slothful Pax.  Which is a good thing as I have letters and cards I need to catch up on with all my Adopted troopers. 


  1. Thank you for heeding the doctors advice and staying home and resting. I can imagine you would be kind of swimie headed and dizzy. Hope it passes soon.

  2. Rest . . . rest . . . what is trifle? Don't tell me till you feel better. I think I've asked about it before, but I can't remember, and yes, I know I can google it but I want to know what you say it is.


  3. I had to work the day after Christmas. I now have Friday and the weekend off and work New Years eve. Now, how messed up is that?
    So enjoy your time off with your feet up, the tv on and a quart of ice cream wit a large scoop to shovel it in and stop worrying your going to be fine.

    Why? ... Because I said so.

    Enough said.

  4. Glad you got some family time, and yes PLEASE follow the doc's directions!

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon!