March 29, 2010

Pax is a Zombie (you have been warned!)

I began to suspect over the weekend that Whooping Cough is the precursor of Zombie-ism - I was searching for brains (mine went A.W.O.L), shambling about (the balance is more shot than usual) and quite content to go hide in the dim, dark airconditioned bedroom for much of the day.

Since then I've managed to develop a very painful ear infection (uncertain what has caused it - the doctor tomorrow can give me the low down via written notes since I can't hear zip at the moment) and I've ended up taking another day off work (I expect that I'll be ending up taking more days off before I'm well - all with the vague blessing of my boss who really doesn't want to catch WC)

Would I rather be at work than at home?  Darn tootin! - at work there isn't this great pile of housework that calls to me, plus it's easier to get my hands on icy cold coke there (I ran out today - it was ugly!)

In happier news - I've heard from one of my new Adopted service persons (He's airforce - my very first non-army adoptee - Yay! :D).  He seems to have a decent sense of humour and likes Monty Python so I'm hoping I'l be able to send him some humourous parcels and letters before he heads home.

In the meantime - pity me my beloved friends (whoops.. no.. that's a Gilbert & Sullivan quote.. abort abort abort :D). Please try to remember that Zombies are (mostly) people too and try to avoid applying flame-throwers; baseball bats or A1S's to deal with me - I'd really appreciate it! (and in return I promise to snack only on the brains of the undeserving and politicians!)

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  1. House work be damed. Stay in the bedroom and take your meds like a good little girl.