April 3, 2010

Pax update

Happy Easter to all those that celebrate it.

I am still en-zombied - looks like it will be a few weeks until the main coughing passes (my darling workmates will no doubt be ecstatic about that - perhaps if I am lucky they will find me a tiny windowless cubicle I can hide within till it passes)

With all the enforced bedrest I've been having, a Zen moment came upon me - I realised that I have been allowing Life to Happen to me - when I should really be happening to Life. Haven't quite worked out how to turn things around but I'll keep you posted if it involves me running away to join the circus (okay.. not that likely - clowns scare me) or dying my hair purple and calling myself "enigma" (hmm.. would I need super powers to carry off that look I wonder?)

On the upside of things - I've had a few emails from Airforce adoptee. Really lovely guy who is mentoring some of his troops that receive no/little mail from home [I'd like to say he's playing "Team Dad" but he'd probably gibber and point out he's not that old :) ].  I'll have to tweak my "goodies for troops" budget for April a bit and make sure he gets a few extra things.  No word received from other current adoptee however I've been receiving some excellent advice from Sherpa on what Fobbits* can use - not quite sure about the hula dashboard ornament idea (dignity.. always dignity... :D) but the NASCAR ideas are running hard & fast (Hey...! Trivia!! Did you know that Harlequin books have their very own NASCAR romance line?!  Well now you do!  Any of you want to volunteer to read one and report back?... Hello??  Hello??... sigh.. guess not)

*FOBBITS - Snorfle! - Everytime I hear the name I imagine them as "Short & cute with hairy feet" :D

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  1. I hope that you have a great Easter.I have added you to my Blog Roll of honor this whay I can visit when I having a good day.Sadly I stoped following you in my reader.I have been too overwhelmed lately.

  2. Good to hear you have been reevaluating your life. Good luck with that.

    Happy Easter, too, and I hope you continue to improve health wise.

  3. Hi Mike - Fully understand the being overwhelmed by information thing (I've had to cull my own reading list too).

    And Happy Easter to you and Coffeypot :)