April 26, 2010

ANZAC Memories


My Great Grandad - Henry Wheeler - survived Gallipoli yet fell on the Western front 2 years later.

One of his friends - Lieut. Wally Thom - survived the war.
I don't have any of Great Grandad's momentos to remember him by however Great Uncle Wally left a few treasured items.

The menu booklet - if you can read the details - is for the FIRST annual Anzac Dinner - held in Serapeum (near the Suez Canel) on the 25th of April 1916.  Australian Imperial Force - 50th Infantry Battalion & 13th Infantry Brigade.

[edited to omit personal family information my mum wasn't happy to see included]


  1. What a treasure--thanks for sharing.

    Once, I saw a letter from A WWI vet who was a relative of my wife. He wrote the letter to another family member from a small training center in Central Pennsylvania. Oddly, enough, my wife's family purchased a house down the street from where he penned the letter (they did not see the letter until about 10 years ago) 50 years later and she grew up in the same town that he had trained. The story is a family favorite.