May 2, 2010

Merry Merry May

Hmm... I suspect my joyful mood is more to do with my having the next two weeks off on recreation leave from work (sloth... indulgence.. computer time... reading more romance & Sci-fi books than can possibly be good for me! Trying to finally get over the last of the Whooping cough - Bonus!) than actually thinking May is that Merry.  It is Autumn over here (that would be "Fall" for you all wot speak USAian ;) ).  Our native trees don't shed leaves in autumn - actually some of them wait for summer and then shed their bark instead (I have mentioned we are a weird weird country - yes?)

I've also got a birthday tucked in to there too (I prefer not to deal with my insincere workmates well-wishes for the day so habitually take it off)  And no... so not telling you my exact age (just that my mental age is about 25 and holding). 

Things I have been up to lately. 

Am still sending letters & the occasional parcel off to my two current military adoptee's - although I think I've lost the plot a little on some of the goodies sent (I really should stop trying to organise it all at 2am on a work night - I'm sure I've ended up mixing up who got what again). Mostly it's munchies and/or fun stuff - I should probably check my online receipts to work out who I shipped the paper aeroplane making kit off to (I'm sure I was thinking "really funny to send to air force guy" and then it's gone of the artillery chap instead. Never mind - I'm sure either of them will find it fun or pass it along if they don't. And I'll make sure when I send the table top catapult it goes to the right one)  I've been over-sending things to the A.F one since he's only there for another few months - figure I'll concentrate my usual 6 to 8 months worth of madness into the short time I've got him.  Artillery Chap still running on silent - I'm just hoping he's not super religious and/or missing the humour of things (the ninja versus ninja game might have tipped him on my oddities at least)

Have picked up a couple of "randoms" to indulge too.

These one's constitute my RAK's for the month (Random Attacks of Kindness - Sending treats out into the wilds and not expecting anything in return other than that warm inner feeling that somewhere, someone is about to feel that they are cared about).

* one is the former team mate of one of my first soldiers adopted through Soldiers' Angels.  Box of treats should reach him in another week or so - included in there are a packet of Musk Lifesavers which I've teased him about (he seems to think I'm joking since why would *anyone* ever eat such a weird flavour. I'm really hoping he'll document the taste experience with shot-by-shot photos. If he does I'll see if he is okay to share them with you all)

 * one parcel of munchies (and as usual a Tinned marsupial*) sent to first of the groups listed at USMC81's website.  I'll get to 2nd & 3rd listed after next payday (must pay bills & mortgage first and be responsible.. sigh.. winning the lottery would be a treat - then I could indulge all the guys to something really special and not worry about counting the costs).  Tried to send emails to all three of them to make sure they don't mind receiving weird Aussie items but no reply received (They are no doubt in the thick of things so I'll just send stuff off and hope it makes them smile just a little bit)

*And I've just found this really great treating system via Soldiers' Angels facebook page - Green Beans Coffees have a "Cup of Joe for a Joe" system where you can donate a small amount and they give free cups of coffee to serving military.  Since I am so caffeine dependent myself (cola mostly) I think this is fantastic [Pax's definition of the four major needs of humanity - oxygen, sustenance, shelter & caffeine]

It's also amazing who tunes into my online ramblings - after my post on the 22nd of April I received communications from the team over at Soldiers' Angels, including the boss who sent me a very nice note and asked for my contact address. I'm still a bit gob-smacked that she took the time from her very busy life to say Hello (actually I had a "OOOHH - spotted by the boss" feeling and gibbered a bit before sending what I hope was a coherent answer back).  Good hearted people like her (and my friend Miss Vicki) are the reason I got involved in the Troop Treating to start with  - I'd like to think I can make a difference, be it ever so small, in someone's life - and to cause smiles on the face of those in hard places.

Pax over & out (and off to be indolent for a few days)

It's a toy - HONEST!! Not tinned koala meat for munchies!

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