May 13, 2010

How to identify an Aussie...

(a how-to-guide for International readers)

1. Unusual accent - occasionally mistaken for British or Canadian until flatter vowels are noticed or okkerisms are applied (Struth! Bonza! Bewdy - Havagudweekend).

2. Unique sense of Humour - we do humour well and often - sometimes on the crass level.  We are also noted for applying even more humour when the situation is grim.  How can you tell that the situation has hit Ground Zero? The Australians in your midst stop the jokes and start saying "She'll be right"

3. Liberal sense of self - the "average" Aussie (ie. not a wowser*) won't usually get uptight about religion or politics.  Sure we can discuss both over a barbie and a beer but we have a certain "your business is YOUR business" attitude and allow everyone their own beliefs even if we (privately) think you are a raving loonie for having them (unless of course you insist on voicing said beliefs loudly and aggressively after which you'll have your beer cut off and shown the door)

4. How do you tell an Aussie service person? - check here for the various shoulder patches.  Notice we don't fly our flag in the reverse (I'm still waiting on an easy to understand explanation of why the USA does that - A1S promised to explain months ago but then he got famous. sigh...)



  1. I can help explain why the US Army wears the flag so it looks like it's backwards.
    US Army unit wear the "unit patch" on their left shoulder. When "somebody" thought we needed to wear the flag, they decided to put it on the right shoulder...which is wear a soldier would wear their "combat" unit patch (if they served in combat, they are allowed to wear the patch from that unit on their right sleeve the rest of their time in the army)

    So, at first, the flag was worn BELOW the combat patch if a soldier had a combat patch. When they went to the new uniform, where everything is put on with velcro, the flag now goes above the combat patch.
    The flag is going "backwards" because it's supposed to be like we're running forward and it's blowing back..
    Does any of this make sense or help?

  2. Thanks CI - I'm sitting here thinking.. But every flag has two sides.. so the reverse "blowing back" thing is still confusing me. or do you always run to the right of the official flag bearer?

    *nods* have decided to put this in the "Americans are Unique" basket

  3. Too funny. Thanks for the insight into Aussie behavior.

  4. You are welcome Slamdunk - stick around and I'll tell you more about Aussies than you would ever wish to know :)