May 4, 2010

Pax got presents!

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Well okay.. Pax bought these for herself but at least I got an actual delivery on my actual birthday.

Ordered a few weeks ago from Diesel - really good quality t-shirts x 2

Awesome geek potential (must now fend off geek boyfriend from stealing until I've worn at least once)

Ooh - and apparently a Penguin covered box of Love is in the International Mail and should make it to me shortly (now I feel better)


  1. I like the Carbon one. I saw a tshirt this weekend that I'm gonna get. "Sometimes I Even Google Myself"

  2. I like the carbon one too - very "truth in advertising" I think

    And if you do get the Google one - we want pictures please! :)


  3. Gee Pax the "carbon" one defines me.

    I think I need to get out more than I do now which is in a "coon's age". :D

  4. My #2 son can speak computer language, so he needs geek shirts....