May 20, 2010

Pax relieved

Have heard from my Adopted Service guy in Baghram - he and his team all okay.

Very relieved - sending prayers that they all make it home safely


  1. That is excellent to hear. I pray for our soldiers both here and abroad every night.

  2. Good to hear. Tell him he doesn't have permission to get hurt.

  3. Happy Dance in Front of "Puter".

    Miss Em.

  4. Thank you for the prayers and happy dancing :). "R" said I was the second person he contacted with a "am okay" - first one was his wife so I'm feeling really blessed. He's due to head home in just under a month so extra prayers to keep them safe there & on the trip home being said.

    Oh and Coffey - I will pass on your directive - I'm sure he will agree with it!