May 17, 2010

An Unexpected delivery

I stopped via the post office on my way home tonight - was hoping that I might see a postcard from my parents and that not too many bills would be there. Found instead a "more mail for collection" note so wandered up to the customer service section and received the following International parcel...

Checked the from tag.. wait.. what?.. Soldiers' Angels?!?.

You might recall from my 2nd of May post that a comment had been left on my blog from one of the team at SA - and that I received a lovely email from SA's founder - Patti Patton-Bader - thanking me for my involvement and asking for my address. I was thinking that perhaps a postcard from the USA might turn up (I know how busy the SA staff must be and really wasn't expecting anything at all)

Instead.. there was the BOX.  Which I opened and found

 I really am quite stunned - and not very sure that I deserve such an award. My adopting service people across the seas gives me so much personal joy, and laughter, and hope that I count my blessings that I've been allowed to become involved in their lives. I know it's made me a better person so receiving anything in return is such an unexpected surprise. (and yes I'm all teary eyed as I type this)

So thank you Patti and Soldiers' Angels (if you are reading this) it will have a place of honour in my home (right next to the flags that two of my SA adoptee's have sent me)


  1. Wow, congrats. That is nice recognition.

  2. That is awesome. But then you are awesome, too. But it looks like the award is between two penguins, not flags.

  3. That is very nice. You are a special person and don't U forget it!!!

  4. It's very well deserved- you put such thought into what you do. It may give joy to you, but it also gives joy to others. Woohoo!