May 14, 2010

Friday update

Last day of my 2 weeks leave from work (well last working day of it - still the weekend to conquer).

Today I ran about one of the local super-shopping-centres, pillaging every bookstore I ventured upon in the attempt to find book 2 of a trilogy (I have book 1 & 3 and don't want to start reading them until I know I can just move on the next book and visually devour it).  No luck so it's either wait until late next week when I can get a longer lunch break to seek out the city stores or order it online [I'm cursing that I can't get this particular author in Ebooks - sadly the copyrights for it are held only overseas. Pax = Sad Panda]

While I was out I found some awesome cards & postcards for my adoptees and enthralled a gaggle of school kids in the food-mall, by sitting and WRITING in the cards by hand. I was tempted to teach them the word "Luddite" and see if they could then construct a passable sentence with it, however they were too quickly distracted by shiny bling and moved along.

So Postcard showing Australia from space sent to newest Adoptee (Airborne MP to be known only as "C" on this blog).  I have a list of weird things I'd like to send him - including the often-supplied (and apparently dearly loved) Water Balloon launcher [I sent one of these most recently to "R" (Soldiers' Angels adoptee) and he & his team are still having fun with it. They have promised me photos of their water wars so I might one day see the WBL in action].  C got a bit lucky on his first "Aussie treat" parcel - I had organised earlier this month for a parcel to go out to a bunch of Marines and due to some problems with their address and the USA postal office saying it was invalid (??), I had to do a super fast change in addressee or have the trouble of trying to get a refund. So Aussie snacks and Tinned Marsupial will probably reach C before my introductory letter ["Hello - I am an Australian and I come in Peace"] reaches the poor lad.  At least there are no Musk Lifesavers in there to traumatise him (next time Bwhahaha!)

Cards sent off to "R" (he tells me via email that they may be coming home earlier than listed date of late June - fingers are crossed for them) and to "J".  I worry most about J - he's my "ghost adoptee" that I've heard nary a word from. I really worry that I'm sending the wrong things or offending him with my humour, or worse that he doesn't wish to receive anything. This letter I finally mentioned my worries and asked him if he can possibly send me "One Ping Only" [of course I'm hoping he's either geekish enough to know that pop culture movie quote OR has someone geekish in his squad to translate] - just to let me know he's okay. 

Regardless of any reply Prayers are being said for all of them (and more for those I don't know directly or have since returned home)  [I suspect I probably should never offer to foster pets or children since I've discovered a reluctance to let those who have touched my heart leave my life completely.  Poor Lads - haunted by the ghost-of-Mari-present - fate worse than Vegemite! :D]

Oh and on a happy note - my birthday Tulips are starting to unfurl


  1. Pax,

    I supported a Marine for his entire deployment and never got a whiff of an answer to "What do you like to snack-on or read while snacking?"
    Never knew if he made it back in one piece or if you got injured.

    What mattered the most is that I never stopped sending those needed letters and packages.

    I agree it is more fun when you do get some feed back but sometimes that just won't happen.

    Don't give up on him because you maybe his only "life-line to Sanity".

    Miss Em

  2. Of all the men and women I have sent stuff to, only three have replied in any form or way. But I know they enjoyed a bit of me in their life.