April 18, 2010

Sunday Pax update

I'm not quite sure how it got to be half-way through April already - definitely had a blink-and-missed-it time of it so far. 

Health wise - just enduring the lasting effects of Whooping cough here. B's into his 6th or 7th week and his coughing attacks are still going strong. He's not had any further blackouts (so far) which is a good thing since it looks to be my turn for the 'aving-funny-turns drama [Friday early morning saw me kissing the carpet - I decided at that point that staying home immobilised in bed would reduce my chances of a spectacularly lurid public turn*].  B just kind of patted me on the shoulder and departed off to work - really great how we have that mutual worry/love/support thing going on :(.

*I have found peace with the concept that my life is an unwitting sit-com for the universe. Just wish I could reap the advertising revenue...

Career wise - our main library is still under-going the refit after the water damage in February. The Powers that be have decided (in their infinite wisdom and nurturing kindness) to take the opportunity to not only downsize our collection and services, but also the staffing levels. We've lost one position already; another staff member is off on secondment to the Health Department and more are set to be released as and when they can justify the culling. Once the main library is reopened they are scuttling the branch one (where we are currently huddled - attempting to continue supplying the information needs of a state wide organisation). So far I'm not in the line of fire (technical staff do a wider range of tasks at a higher level of applied learning so they can't really function without us) however I'm now taking on even more work (equivilant of 2.5 positions) and I'm not winning any friends with my being stupidly ill. 

Milsupport wise - actually this keeps me sane and happy. Reaching out to a stranger in a far land might seem a weird hobby to have but I find myself happier after writing (hopefully) amusing letters & cards to the guys (after all - can't bore them with the mundanity of work & family dramas - so you find yourself seeking the silver-lining and funny events in the day to recount).  I worry about J - he's the first adoptee I've had that I haven't heard from. At least I comfort myself with the knowledge that so long as none of my mail gets returned that he's going okay over there.  Adoptee #2 - R - seems to be going okay, we share a couple of interests (monty python for one) so it's much easier to send him really silly things to keep him smiling [I've just exposed his team to Top Gear much to the delight of a few of his guys that have seen it before. Possibly not as much fun to an American as NASCAR but easier for me to work out which to send].  And I should be receiving word in a few weeks if I'm still okay to adopt an MP - and yes.. exposing poor unsuspecting Americans to weird Aussie cuisine and items *is* lots of fun (Bwhahaha!).


  1. Still sending you good vibes and virtual hugs. I just wish there was something they could give you to knock the shit out of that WC. As for B...

    LYLT +

  2. Good to hear that you are still "movin and grovin"

    I'm with Coffeypot on wishin that there was a magic bullet to take out the WC especially since I know first hand what you are going thru there in Aussie-Land of wierd cuisine and items of lots of fun.

    Fingers crossed on the adoption of the "MP".

    Miss Em
    Austell, Ga.