April 22, 2010

Mil-Support - can you spare the time to help?

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You will all know by now that I'm a wee bit involved in sending munchies & treats to the USA troops in the Middle East.  If you've ever wondered how it feels to reach out and touch someone, but aren't sure you want to commit to an organised group such as Soldier's Angels then here is your chance.

Two of the Blogs I follow have requested assistance for troop support -

Care parcels required for Afghanistan troops - see the information at http://usmc81.blogspot.com/2010/04/in-country-contacts-for-care-packages.html
[some of these people are due to return home this year - one group is there until 2011 - casual parcel sending would no doubt be welcomed. Email the contacts to find out what they most need]

And Adoption of some MP's required - see the information at http://www.thestrengthbehindthestrong.com/home/airborne-help-us-adopt-50-single-soldiers-who-are-heading-to.html (about 20 or so left to be adopted)
[this is a new deployment - you will be assigned one person and will be encouraged to send letters & parcels regularly over the next year. Contact Christine via email and offer your help]


  1. But we have so many heroes waiting ,
    Please still consider us . :)))
    Soldiers Angels
    Any Soldier

  2. Hey Eric :) - I'm on to my 6th adoptee via Soldier's Angels and love them. So yes.. still considering you :D


  3. Still working on mine. Can't afford to another one. Good luck.