April 19, 2010

Warm fuzzy photo...


I just had to share this (it's okay - he said I could)

This is N - he is one of my online buddies who usually manages to make me smile even on my really bad days. 

See his totally Leet soccer skills! :)


  1. Having fun & making friends brings an understanding of who you are & why you are there.

    {{Now if only the food was more like home.}}

    One of the main efforts of the US Warriors is to ...
    "Never let an opening get away".

    Tell "N" lookin good while relievin stress. Hope he won that engagement. If not does he get a re-do?

    Miss Em
    Austell, Ga.

  2. Soccer is what you do to a mouth woman with an attitude.

  3. ut-oh. Looks like the Coffeypot is out of coffee which makes him out of sorts.


    Miss Em

  4. OK, remind me to tell you of my soccer ball story from Bosnia sometime.

  5. Thanks Em - N is home now. I would say "safe" except he's airborne and his last jump went slightly awry on the landing [He's mostly okay - just sore & sorry]

    Coffey - sigh... :D

    CI - Hey!! tell us about that Bosnia soccer ball story! :D

  6. I appreciate you posting this photo--it made me smile and we need to hear more of the good stories of our brave soldiers.