March 26, 2010

Amazed & Awed - Pax has presents

Still en-plagued with the dreaded whooping cough but two things have arrived in the post that have cheered me immensely.

My #3 adopted soldier (codename G as I don't wish to breach any security laws) has just returned from his extended time in the great holiday destination of Camp Tajii (sun, surf, sand & freaking loonies with guns - what a combination!).  He's a lovely chap that I only got to spoil for a few months with weird letters & parcels (He was assigned (via Soldier's Angels) to me late in his deployment so his timtam quota remained lower than normal).

He let me know via email that he had "sent me something in the mail" before he was going fully 'Mail Stop' and yesterday it arrived.

The Certificate reads :
 Flag Dedication Certificate  
The Accompanying Flag of the United States of America was flown over a free Iraq in honor of Mari Paxford.  On March 1, 2010 this flag proudly flew in AH-64D Longbow Apache Serial Number 383 over the United States Division - Center Area of Operations (Baghdad) during Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-10 for 2.8 hours on a combat mission.

G if you are reading this - I want you to know that I am utterly awed and humbled by the gift. I am really not worthy of it but I will treat it with the honour & respect it deserves.

And the other item in the post - a gift of a book from Coffeypot . We've both been following Marcus Luttrell on Facebook . Marcus is a wounded veteran, ex-navy seal and author of the book "Lone Survivor".  I have been wanting to read his book for a while so it is a wonderful gift - thank you Mr Coffey :)

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  1. You are special- I'm proud of you!

  2. I know the humble feeling and awe in receiving a flag from one of our warriors. I received one from Chief, an AF dude who had AF intel dudes and duddets embedded with Army units all over Iraq. He is a Class Act who I respect very much and was very surprised when the flag arrived. I am mounting it in a shadow box along with the proclamation.

    Congtrats on your’s, too. Good things happen to good people like you. I'm proud for you.

  3. Wow - what a lovely thing for him to do for you. Definitely an honour.